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Recent trends in liquid crystal displays
2011-10-26 by seoer1
As LCD monitors have many advantages over traditional CRT, so it will be increasingly used in desktop, desktop monitors, Tsingtek is the digital signal to display images, and cathode ray tube analog signal is not the same, However, in order to meet market requirements, the current type of liquid crystal display of the signal is analog and digital two kinds are. The advantage of using analog signals can be compatible with the vast majority of graphics cards, but do have to install the ultra low temperature display inside a APC, will transfer the incoming analog signal converted to digital signals, so that may affect the display quality. At present some vendors are developing between the PC and LCD-specific standard interface, which aims to provide mainstream models already exist in the port directly compatible with digital signals, but there is little current graphics cards support digital transmission interface, and digital interface pins are not unified, this is one of the problems to be solved in the near future.
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