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Physical properties of liquid crystal
2011-10-23 by seoer1
LCD is such an organic compound, at room temperature conditions, showing both the fluid flow, there are crystals of optical anisotropy, which is called "liquid crystal." In an electric field, magnetic field, temperature, stress and other external conditions under the influence of the molecular prone to re-arrangement of the various optical properties of the touch screen LCD module will be changed, and the molecular arrangement of liquid crystal anisotropy vulnerable to such external electric field, magnetic field control is the use of the physical basis of the liquid crystal , that is, liquid crystal "electric - light effect", is an optical signal modulation, which made of liquid crystal display devices at different current electric field, liquid crystal molecules are arranged rotated 90 degrees to do the rules, resulting in differences in light transmission, so the Power ON / OFF difference arising under light and dark, and so the principle control each pixel, can form the desired image.
The physical properties of liquid crystal is: When power turns on, arranged in an orderly change, so easy to pass the light; confusion-energized arrangement to prevent the light through. LCD as a camel to the gate or barrier to light penetration. Technically it simply, the LCD modules panel contains two very fine sodium-free glass material, known as Substrates, sandwiched a layer of liquid crystal. When the beam passes through this layer of liquid crystal, the liquid crystal itself will stand in rows, or reverse the irregular shape, which block or so that the beam passed. Most LCD are all organic compounds, by a long rod-like molecules. In the natural state, these long axis roughly parallel to the rod-like molecules. The LCD into a slotted plane by sophisticated processing, liquid crystal molecules are arranged along the groove, so if those slots are parallel, then the molecule is completely parallel.
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