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Five Keys to buy liquid crystal display
2011-12-16 by seoer1

With the continuous improvement of living standards and consumption habits change, people's demand for liquid crystal displays to enhance rational to buy LCD monitor become a more popular topic.

Should pay attention to in the purchase of liquid crystal display elements, including size, color, brightness and contrast ratio, response time, viewing angle, resolution, etc. The size of which is very intuitive, you can choose who to choose according to their needs.

First, the color is a key indicator. For China LCD module monitors, the color is it relative to the cathode-ray display (CRT), a weak indicator. However, color is very important for users, for those graphic designers, gamers, is essential. Therefore, in the purchase of LCD monitors should pay particular attention to its color. Now LG, Philips, Samsung and other brands of LCD monitors in color has a good performance, has made great progress. Such as LG LCD color more than 1670 million. Its color display has been very close to natural color, color CRT monitor display is very similar. Purchase in the purchase must pay attention to the color liquid crystal display selected parameters, as well as its actual display.

Second, the impact of display brightness and contrast are two very important definition of the indicator. LCD monitors currently on the market in these two indicators of 200cd/m2 and 300:1, respectively, while some of them have reached 250cd/m2 and 400:1, or even higher. Buyers can choose according to their needs. If the family does not have to insist on the general application of the highest indicators.

Third, the response time is the liquid crystal by the next turn dark or from dark to clear the time required. Generally speaking, the shorter the response time, response faster, the better. According to the human eye's response time, response time of 50 milliseconds or so, it will not appear more serious motion picture hysteresis. The current standard LCD 50 ms response time around the majority, but there are a few models can reach the whole 30 milliseconds.

Fourth, Philips, LG and other traditional brand of professional TFT module monitor viewing angle reached 140 degrees to 160 degrees. If a person uses 120-degree viewing angle is sufficient.

Fifth, all the display resolution is an important technical indicators to buy one. The higher the resolution, the better show. LCD has a resolution different from the CRT monitor, because it generally could not be adjusted, and regulations set by the manufacturer, only operates at a nominal resolution mode, the LCD display in order to achieve the best results. In general a resolution of 1024 × 768 LCD display enough to support most of the current general purpose users.

Finally, the purchase must be selected well-known manufacturers, choose well-known brands such as Samsung, LG, Philips and so on. Because product quality and after-sales service has been done is in place, the purchase of these vendors can avoid a lot of worries.

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