LCD origin
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LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), for many users is not likely to be a new term, but there is the history of this technology may be far beyond our imagination - in the 19th century, the Austrian botanist on LCD found that the liquid crystal, a substance that also has a flow of liquid crystals and a similar arrangement of features. In the electric field, liquid crystal molecules are arranged will produce change. Thus affecting its optical properties, a phenomenon known as electro-optic effect. The use of liquid crystal electro-optic effect, in the last century British scientists create first a liquid crystal display that is LCD. Today's liquid crystal display is widely used linear fixed LCD, micro-look at it if we will find it especially as a cotton swab. Compared with the traditional CRT, LCD display  is not only small, thin (the thickness of the current 14.1-inch machine may be only 5 cm), light weight, low energy consumption (1 to 10 microwatts / square centimeter), low voltage (1.5 to 6V) and no radiation, no flicker and can be matched directly with CMOS integrated circuits. Because many advantages, LCD from 1998 into the desktop applications. .
The first operational LCD based on the dynamic scattering mode (Dynamic Scattering Mode, DSM), RCA's George Herrmann's team has developed this LCD. Herrmann created Optel company, the company developed a series based on this technology of standard LCD module. December 1970, the rotation of nematic liquid crystal FET characteristics cents in Switzerland and Helfrich Hoffmann - Le Luoke central laboratory registered as patents. In 1969, James Ferguson, Ohio Kent State University in the United States (Ohio University) found the rotation of nematic liquid crystal field effect in February 1971 and registered in the U.S. the same patent. In 1971 his company (ILIXCO) produced the first based on this feature of the LCD, quickly replaced the poor performance of the DSM-type LCD.
In 1985, after finding it had a commercial value, in 1973, Japan's Sharp Corporation produced the first electronic calculator it used figures. Now, LCD notebook and handheld computer's main display device, the projector, it also plays a very important role, and it began to penetrate the desktop monitor market.

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