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Easy way to identify dead pixels LCD
2011-11-14 by seoer1

LCD are increasingly being installed by the pet. However, while in the selection, LCD modules has the bad points we have also become optional heart disease. We all know the best way to detect dead pixels LCD is to use professional testing software, such as Monitors Matter Check Screen, but we buy LCD monitors, can not test the software to detect, while businesses will use a variety of gorgeous there pictures to show to the consumer, can not see dead pixels, then in the purchase, what a good way to detect dead pixels of LCD it? LCD test is recommended if there are two simple methods of dead pixels. First, adjust the desktop background all white or all black or other solid observations, the second is to detect by WordPad.

1 method to adjust the desktop background

For example, Windows XP, right-click on the desktop, "Properties", first select the "Desktop" tab, select "No", then select one of the "Appearance" tab, click the "Advanced" in the interface "project "drop-down menu select" Desktop ", after the" color "Click the drop-down selection, respectively, color white, black, blue, red and other colors, and then click" Apply "that have an effect, then "Win + D" shortcut key to switch to the desktop to closely observe whether the dead pixel.

2 tablet assay

In the "Start" menu, open the "Run", in which the input "WORDPAD", open WordPad, WordPad and then use the mouse to drag slowly on the desktop at random, try to drag over each piece of drag over visual areas carefully to see whether there are dead pixels LCD. This principle is to use WordPad to view the white background of the case of SPI LCD module, LCD also can see the existence of color cast problems, especially the four corners. However, this method must have a premise that the LCD must be on a high resolution, such as 15-inch LCD 1024 × 768 to be transferred on.

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