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LED LCD ViewSonic leading US environmental trend
2011-09-08 by seoer1

November 2010 held in Cancun, Mexico to finalize a global climate conference to further control the climate change consensus, the world must reduce more emissions, to further control the rate of global warming. If all countries strictly enforce the resolutions of the General Assembly in Cancun, climate, global emissions or to decline 60%, average global temperatures expected to drop 2 degrees Celsius.

Climate Conference in Cancun, the ultimate resolution of global environmental protection put forward a more stringent standard, and received the full support of all countries. When the energy-saving environmental protection has become a global consensus, no matter the industry or individuals, should take action to achieve sustainable development goals with low emissions.

As the world's leading brand of video technology, the United States ViewSonic (ViewSonic) attaches great importance to the development of energy-saving products. Through long-term R & D, ViewSonic in 2008, pioneered the use of ultra low-power LED-backlit display technology, and products across the board in 2010 to upgrade to the LED display, to promote the industry popular LED, leading the industry trend of environmental protection foundation.

A qualitative change in the energy topic

Perhaps in the eyes of many, given the global climate conference in Cancun, global greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives binds all countries or large companies, in fact, the ultimate energy-saving behavior is still the individual perpetrators. Only when the individual becomes the base of the huge time saving effect will be significant, it is an unavoidable topic.

January 20, 2011, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released statistics report, as of the end of December 2010, the total number of Internet users in China reached 457 million, of which over 303 million mobile phone users. According to the most conservative estimates, 154 million Internet users use a simple computer power consumption of 30W LED display, 8 hours per day, a year down the total power consumption of 87600W, power 87.6 degrees, compared to 60W of power LCD display manufacture power 58.4 degrees throughout the year. 1 kWh of electricity needs in accordance with 1.73 kg of carbon dioxide emission calculation, 154 million PC users to decrease (58.4 × 1.73 × 1.54) ÷ 1000 = 155.58928 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is the universal energy caused by striking qualitative change.

Which is currently in the IT industry, has formed a conventional low-carbon application of rules, how to make energy into extensive action, you first need to conduct business on the popularity of energy-saving products, at this level, the United States ViewSonic (ViewSonic) new line of LED display The first promotion, in particular, has positive significance.

Viewsonic LED era smooth transition from top to bottom

As a provider of professional color displays, ViewSonic keen to see the LED-backlit display technology's advantages in high-definition displays, has introduced 2ms response speed of the VX2250-LED and VX2450wm-LED display, allowing users to directly experience the application of LED technology in HD and the advantages of color reproduction; reflect the usual "focus, innovation, quality" characteristics, the daily accumulation of application performance for LED promotion foundation.

2010 3D stereo display light wave of the future market prospects of another display area. However, ViewSonic introduced the world's first 3D stereoscopic display LED display V3D241wm-LED before, no one can think of, 3D stereo display ruined so quickly and LED backlight technology docking, and directly for the mainstream user. ViewSonic V3D241wm-LED with high 120Hz refresh rate, 1920 × 1080 resolution, HDMI interface enhancements, unprecedented in the LED display of games and movies 3D stereo effect, and 35W ultra-low power consumption, but also a perfect interpretation of the 3D experience and a combination of green living.

Everything seems so logical, from the VX2250-LED to V3D241wm-LED, ViewSonic achieved in just one year from the popular to the top, bottom-up LED products and technology transition. Perhaps in the peer view, fully upgraded LED-backlit display technology, and rapid product launch and docking applications, it is difficult to get market recognition, but the fact that often take the top talent in the industry to get active.

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