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Samsung LCD display splicing continues to lead the development trend of security
2011-09-08 by seoer

Over the past decade, the domestic security market for many years maintained a sustained rapid growth of more than 30%, making China's rapid emergence as the world's leading security products production base, has become the world's largest security market. Which shows part of the security market as the main business module, has made great development. With digital, network-based escalation, seamless video wall, led LCD modules, high intelligence, and the large screen display into the new security trends. In a large monitor or high-end conference project, if you need a large field of view screen, liquid crystal on splicing technology is imperative.

As the display area of ​​the most talked about leader, Samsung LCD video wall with a seamless world's leading display technology and picture effect, the field of security for high-definition sets to build super-sized display control platform, a powerful support capabilities to enhance security operations. This reliable and stable, responsive integrated display platform in emergency prevention, rescue and command, in reducing losses of lives and property, of great significance.

Set the industry benchmark for innovative technology

Global LCD panel with the title of the giant Samsung, R & D and manufacturing in the upstream industry has great advantages, its market two years ago, the world's first LCD video wall, seamless UT series, after stitching the bilateral distance 6.7mm, was the global market narrowest border stitching display, this very narrow frame distance makes it the first time in the physical level to achieve a non-blind stitching presented results for the LCD video wall, seamless era, laid a solid foundation.

In 2011, Samsung core technology once again break the display to launch the second generation of super-vision LCD video wall, seamless UD55A, bilateral spacing to 5.5mm, which marks the splice into the 5.5mm LCD era. Samsung UD55A in product performance, fully integrated into the security considerations, not only inherited the first generation of super-vision LCD video wall, seamless UT series of ultra-narrow, super-clear, high brightness, high contrast of the "four super-advantage" , and further innovation in technology, expanding shrink patchwork panel size, while further eliminating the multi-screen interval brought a sense, the image can show more content and more realistic visual effects to meet the high security applications accurate presentation needs. In addition, UD55A with 1920 × 1080 Full HD standard, the screen displays either a static or dynamic image effects can be accurate, detailed presented. UD55A again with an innovative ultra-narrow frame spacing design, superior product quality, and a number of innovative technologies, once again broken the LCD stitching industry technical standards.

Powerful application platform to create a safe set of control command

Terminal display device as a security monitoring system security an important part of its performance will directly affect the entire security system is able to fully play its role, a direct impact on social stability and harmony. To the development of long-term perspective, as a security platform for centralized control of security command is bound to the terminal display scheduling of production automation, digital security surveillance, information resources, integration of the central control and management.

Samsung LCD video wall, seamless multimedia distribution system has a smart remote MagicInfo, so that users can easily control a single server multiple LCD monitors, you can end at any time by the server independently of each playback of content, scheduling, multi-screen control, real-time information Send other convenience operations. In addition, the Samsung LCD video wall, seamless digital loop also has a DVI output, use this function with built-in video wall stitching, no additional equipment can easily complete the stitching of up to 10 × 10 large-scale video display wall, which greatly reduces the input costs of industry users. Samsung seamless video walls for high-definition TFT display a new security best display platform, you can make information collection devices to capture the best high-definition display monitor screen, and linkage to the automatic alarm or control, to provide more high-definition monitor the best display platform, to meet all traffic control, banking supervision, power dispatch, border control, urban management, community safety and other security establishments applications.

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