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LCD dispaly brightness and contrast purchase experience
2011-08-31 by seoer

Optional LCD display brightness and contrast are also important. As the liquid crystal molecules can not be their own light, therefore, need to rely on external light LCD auxiliary light. LCD screen brightness is in units of cd/m2 or nits as a unit. LCD display of the minimum acceptable brightness 150cd/m2. Currently on the market common LCD monitors generally 300cd/m2 brightness about the product, and then high up to 350cd/m2 or 400m2/m2.

Buy LCD monitor when you can adjust the menu at its maximum brightness can be seen how much, of course, some vendors and the actual parameters of the standard criteria also some gaps, the user can adjust the bright spot of light, or liquid crystal display the menu opens, look at its current brightness and contrast how much, if only in about half, it means that there is still much room for adjustment, even relatively bright areas on the light, the image shows no problem. Now, some manufacturers of LCD monitors use a four-light adjustment, such as buffalo, like P45, it has 400m2/m2 brightness, compared to some of the old product is the original two-light adjustment, the four lamps adjustable alphanumeric LCD module greatly enhance the brightness and contrast, even in strong light or open air environment, will also receive a better display.

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