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Four monitors are also contraindicated for health safety winter LCD
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Cold winter for many consumers to develop a number of household devices to protect a lot of common sense. Such as adjusting the temperature of the refrigerator to reduce the number of starts its power to achieve results; on the glass coated with special anti-freeze, low night temperatures to avoid damage to the glass ... These measures are effective to ensure facilities to a good home to spend the cold winter.

With the LCD in the family life play an increasingly important role in consumer choice is also an active performance more superior product to meet their family needs. However, although the user the choice of becoming more conscious of their strong, but is still slightly weak protection awareness. In fact, a number of seemingly unrelated household items, but then there is a liquid crystal display potential "threat."

Start your monitor health of it?

Today I introduce you to several commonly used winter items for the display may cause harm, provided you use some suggestions. In winter, use the LCD monitor, you should try to avoid the following factors impact on the LCD module supplier.
Monitor health taboo one: humidifier

Winter is often accompanied by air drying, with the decrease of temperature, generally we do not to choose window ventilation. In addition to air dry, the long-term needs of office workers sitting in front of the computer, but also to put one day N hours of computer radiation, likely to cause dry skin and eye discomfort. Therefore, the humidifier is the winter to maintain indoor air quality and humidity of the best magic of the.

Display of "skin" can be no moisture

Generally, we will choose the humidifier on the display next to, so feel able to maximize the skin absorption of water into the humidifier, manufactured, keep the skin moist. However, although we also understand that this can not be directly directed at the display spray humidifier, also appropriate to adjust the angle. But when elements of the environment because the wind changed the direction of the spray humidifier, water vapor is very easy to fall on the display.

Monitors on the border quickly condenses into small droplets

Monitors in use, gives off its heat. The mist humidifier fever falls after the display, it will quickly condense into small droplets, slowly penetrate inside the monitor, making the circuit board constantly damp. Over time, the board is very vulnerable to short-circuit. While water, the electronic components inside the monitor is easily oxidized. Therefore, when using the humidifier in winter, be sure to avoid the mist spray to fall on the monitor.

Monitor health Taboo II: Electrostatic

Static electricity is the most common winter phenomenon. Coupled with the people in winter clothes to the direction of light warm-based, generally cotton and Lycra worn wool sweaters, etc. are all acrylic textile materials, easy to produce large amounts of static electricity. As a high voltage electrostatic moment, there may be in contact with damage caused by the display. Therefore, special attention should be in the winter to prevent electrostatic damage.

The power of static electricity can not be overlooked

Now a lot of LCD monitors are equipped with a USB interface, which greatly facilitates the users at the same time, it also brought a lot of LCD security risks. If you come from a clothing pocket U-disk, U disk friction with clothing, a lot of static electricity generated is likely to pass on to the LCD, then the consequences are very serious.

The power of static electricity can not be overlooked

Thus, in the winter, I remind you try not to U disk and other electronic products on the pocket, so not only easy to damage the serial LCD module, while electronics is a harm. Another method is to transfer static electricity. Before using the monitor, start with the first wash, you can transfer itself to carry out the static.

monitor health taboo three: Electric Heating

In cold areas, if there is no open indoor heating, a number of computer accessories such as motherboards, graphics cards on the capacitance due to the ambient temperature is too low and does not work, so there will not start when booting problem. So many consumers in the installation of electric heating to keep the indoor temperature to ensure the use of the computer environment.

Electrical heating of high temperature on the surface of the display will bring the material damage

This approach is for the host computer, and will not cause too much impact. Because the host computer with the fan, the fan when the temperature will begin to work, the biggest problem is just a waste of electricity, while increasing the utilization rate of the fan. However, the host computer connected to the LCD, but it does not automatically adjust the temperature function.

No active temperature control equipment, which itself has a lot of heat in the distribution, then in a high temperature environment to work long hours, which for LCD damage is obvious. Long period of accumulation, the display will greatly reduce the life of internal parts and shorten lifespan. So remind the majority of users, the indoor temperature, or the need to control the look of.
monitor health Taboo IV: glass

Glass for display damage similar principles with the humidifier. Winter, we always like to put a cup of hot water at hand, while maintaining its temperature, while drinking plenty of water but also resistant to dry skin. However, the steaming cup in front of a display put hope, will be attached to the continuous evaporation of water droplets on the monitor screen.

Glass display is also a major killer

Display as an important output device, consumers for the quality of its screen display functions very seriously, which is considered one of the main factors of quality display. If you long to be attached to hot water vapor, in a large amount of heat is also constantly in the external "heat", heat does not go down a long time, for the display is very easy to damage.

A glass of water may make your display "beyond redemption"

In fact, the solution to this factor is much simpler, nothing more than the cup farther ahead, or to the hot water cup covered with lid. This will not only maintain water temperature, but also to avoid the evaporation of water vapor condensation on the display, do both. But the show of hands can do things, but I hope you pay more attention to in life.

LCD safe for the winter so that the four taboos

In the cold winter, there are many factors that affect our everyday use of the LCD monitor. These factors appear to be normal, if not caused you enough attention, time or cause the accumulation of larger problems. The electronic display, after all, if there are problems with unpredictable consequences.

Exist within a sophisticated display of electronic products, a failure will affect the normal operation and use of the overall detriment of the interests of your use. So, I hope you pay attention to two factors: First, display the internal heat to maintain the smooth, do not let a lot of heat has been deposited on display in; second is to monitor the external environment to bring attention to the threat. High and low temperature, water droplets are so attached to the display using the security risks.

ZOL display LCD Division wish you good health and longevity

Today I will introduce so much, is that we cold winter in the safe use of liquid crystal displays. In fact, just the LCD need to pay attention, your home's other electronic products are also facing the same or similar security issues. You want to cause a lot of attention!

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