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Best resolution does not apply How to use the LCD
2011-12-21 by seoer1

Computer has become essential to people's daily work or life partner, especially for everyday office use computer users a day to face the LCD screen at least eight hours. Such a long time to face the computer screen, adds to the burden on the eyes, it is likely to cause eye fatigue.

Since I can not avoid the long face of the Tsingtek, then how do to maximize the protection of our eyes? Proper use of liquid crystal display is undoubtedly the best thing to do. Today I use the LCD on how to correct some of his views published.

Users often browse the web will have a feeling that the screen looks too strenuous word, his eyes will have a time constant soreness, swelling of the discomfort. To solve these problems the best way is to screen the font larger, making the look more comfortable.
First look at the LCD display itself features. In fact, high brightness LCD monitor for eye irritation is great, LCD manufacturers have also thought of this. So we can from the LCD OSD menu to find their own solutions. Most of the liquid crystal display in the OSD menu provides switchable modes, such as movies, text and other modes. During the time the user can adjust the obvious to see that in the movie mode, the brightness of the screen than text mode. This is because the movie needs more details, depth of texture images, most of the business through to adjust screen brightness to solve this problem. While browsing the text, the entire screen darker, softer look.

For frequently needed text or browsing the web users who operate, it is best to set the screen in text mode.
Another very simple way is through the browser to change the font size. In the browser's tool bar of the "View" option in "View" option in the "Font Size" option, which has five options to choose from. The user can just select the "greatest" or other word can change the size.

It can be seen from the figure, page font larger. Advantage of this approach is very simple, but the drawback is optional small, and the magnitude of the changes the font is not great.

If you use the above method still does not meet the needs of users, then you can change the resolution of the LCD itself to achieve the amplification of the text.

In order to clear the general quality of the user will be transferred to the best resolution of the LCD, but often only one of the best CD screen display resolution, and this is the best resolution is generally the maximum resolution of the serial LCDs. Although the picture is clear enough, but the text is too small the place is depressing. So for those who often need to browse the web or for text manipulation in terms of users, the best resolution is not the best choice.

Multi-purpose LCD screen to browse the web or for text operations will display the user the best resolution of the smaller number. What specific resolution to be transferred according to personal preference, as long as the users see the page of text that is not very eye can fee. This vision is not even good friends can enjoy lying on the couch watching pages.

But doing so also has its shortcomings. Because the time resolution of the LCD screen in the best most clear, and lowered after the resolution of the LCD, text display would be worse, the edges of the text will be nominal. The reason is that during the amplification, when amplification is not the one to one, and there is a scaling error.

This drawback is browsing the web, the screen can display the information is limited. Had two full-screen text can be displayed, it may pull the fourth, fifth panel also look incomplete.

Problems that need attention:

1 The above method is only suitable for browsing the web or for text manipulation, users want to deal with or watch movies at the best photos will be transferred back to the best resolution.

2 adjustable back and forth the resolution of the LCD display will not affect the life? The answer is no.

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