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For FA equipment and measuring devices TFT LCD Module
2011-08-23 by seoer

NEC LCD Technologies, Inc. (Headquarters Kawasaki) will launch five TFT (thin film capacitor) LCD display modules. With high contrast, large viewing angle, high-speed response characteristics, mainly for FA equipment and measuring devices display.

Contrast ratio of 600:1. Perspective, the up and down and left and right, respectively, increasing to 160 degrees and 140 degrees for easier viewing. In addition, the response rate increased to 25m sec, operating temperature extended to -20 to +70 degrees. As the dimensions and location of the original product to install the same, so the original product transition to new products more easily.

New series is the company's LCD modules for industrial core products successor. Lineup is: 12.1-inch display supporting 800 × 600dpi "NL8060BC31-41D" and "NL8060BC31-42", 10.4-inch display supporting 640 × 480dpi "NL6448BC33-63D" and "NL6448BC33-64", 8.4-inch "NL6448BC26-09 ". April 28, 2006 began to turn the market. Sample price is $ 35,000 ~ 42,000 yen.

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