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LG 3D LCD monitor AOC comparison test with
2011-09-07 by seoer

AOC and LG today launched the first of two polarizing-type 3D display to come to our display channel, they are AOC e2352Pz and LG D2341P, flagship brand of entertainment as their big-screen displays are using the latest energy saving LED backlight, their showdown who will prevail? Design, 3D functions, color reduction, interface, ease of use, superior power who? We went through a comparative evaluation and see it.

AOC e2352Pz: AOC first 23 in. LED-backlit polarized type 3D display e2352Pz. This product not only uses Flash 3D technology, also has energy-saving LED backlight, 18mm slim body, which makes the display has a clear advantage in addition to other energy-saving, but also ensure the quality of the colors more vivid and natural.
LG D2341P: LG Electronics introduced its first flash-type 3D display is not D2341P, this monitor uses a 23-inch LED-backlit display 3D polarizing style can bring a more comfortable experience flicker-free 3D images, while low ghosting, high brightness, watch the eyes more comfortable and so, also compatible with NVIDIA, ATI and other graphics, compatible with XP, Vista, Win7 and other systems.

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