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Chi Mei LCD 96VD low-carbon energy
2011-09-04 by seoer

With the global climate warming and the deterioration of the natural environment, the lives of low-carbon energy to become the world's major cities are advocating a new life. As the world's photovoltaic supply chain, an important part of Taiwan-based Chi Mei panel makers entered the China market since has been adhering to the green, the concept of low carbon and energy-efficient products, electronic products launched in the low-carbon energy boom.
2011 Chi Mei Ying flagship product V-Series is a very stunning green design, green production and actively improve the product, raw materials and links to ensure that the Chi Mei to reduce carbon emissions, a new generation of low-carbon energy products. Chi Mei Ying stunning V-series products not only great access to the relevant departments of China's recognition of low-carbon energy, and its new three-dimensional display, high image quality, energy saving / lightweight technology makes the product more popular with consumers of all ages.
Today we introduce the most stunning display products is Chi Mei Ying V series products have a 18.5 inches - 96VD.
In the display performance, Chi Mei 96VD the best visual display in 16:9 ratio, the size of 18.5 inches, dot pitch 0.3mm, horizontal viewing angle of 170 degrees vertical viewing angle of 160 degrees, the best resolution of 1366 × 768. 10 million: 1 dynamic contrast ratio and 5ms ultra-high gray level response time, enhance the picture quality is very helpful.
In the visual technology, Chi Mei 96VD impeccable display with advantages in the left upper right corner of the Chi Mei 96VD display their models and were marked with the Chromax technology, 10 million: 1 dynamic contrast. Technology with Chi Mei which Chromax unique skin brightening technology SCE, NCE vivid color calibration technology, CTI and LTI edge color enhancement technology edge brightness correction technology, making the display more vivid colors, sharper picture quality.

CCEPro unique genetic engineering techniques to enhance the color of color richness; new high-brightness LED backlight makes clear the entire screen; high diffusion diffuser, light guide plate and the diffusion of high optical module makes the display more uniform light ; edge of the screen color enhancement technology to make video more accurately; recommended that Chi Mei V series original three-dimensional color gamut technology to provide 720-degree three-dimensional color gamut, the color adjustment to the professional.

In design terms, Chi Mei 96VD black piano paint process design, the overall feeling of giving beautiful fashion. The interface, the Chi Mei 96VD provide DVI + VGA dual interface, covering most of the market demand.

Conclusion: Chi Mei LCD 96VD green design, green production makes the Chi Mei LCD display products in the new low-carbon energy efficiency recognized by the industry, and its performance with world-class high-Mei diffusion light guide plate technology, side High CRI LED backlight, which makes 96VD the perfect image to show a trade surplus, and even the most purified primary colors. Chi Mei also 96VD carrying CCEPRO genetic engineering and ten million colors ultra-high dynamic contrast, slim appearance, the release of internal energy-efficient, making the product not only visually stunning black and white and beautiful, such a good LCD monitor Not to be missed.

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