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Note Printing Color Management
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First, the elements of color management

For color management, a series of provisions that must be followed during the operation, in order to achieve the desired results. LCD module supplierprocess has three elements, the three elements referred to as the "3C", that is, "Calibration" - Calibration, "Characterization" - characterization and "Conversion" - conversion.

In order to ensure the color information transmission in the process of stability, reliability and sustainability, calls for input devices, display devices, output devices calibrated to ensure that they are in the standard working condition.

1, input correction

The purpose is to enter the correct input device brightness, contrast, black and white field (RGB RGB balance) calibrated to the scanner calibration, for example, when the scanner is initialized to zero, the original for the same, regardless of when the scan, should have access to the same image data.

2, the display correction

Correction makes the display monitor's display characteristics in line with its own display device description file in the ideal setting parameter values, the graphics card based on the color image data information to the display color is accurate on the screen.
3, the output correction

Output calibration is the final step calibration process, including the correction of printers and imagesetters, proofers and printing presses as well as for correction, based on equipment provided by the manufacturer of the device description file, the characteristics of the output device calibration, so that the equipment according to the standard factory output characteristics. Correction in the printing and proofing, the device must be used in paper, ink and other printed materials meet the standards.

A color management system, workflow analysis

Color management from a certain sense, is a correct interpretation of color information and processing technology, namely the feeling of people of QVGA LCD display. Objectively speaking, that is the premise of minimal color distortion, the color image data from one color space to another color space conversion process.

In the process of copying the whole image, the equipment involved in the performance of color has its own ability, that is a different color space, color management, the main purpose is to achieve a different color space conversion, to ensure that the same image from the input color display , the output as shown by the appearance of the match, and ultimately achieve the original and copies of color harmony. Establish the equipment described in the text color (Profile) is the heart of color management, file system, each device describes a representative to describe the color characteristics, such as the color characteristic curve, the output characteristic curve color gamut, color management system uses The representative of the color characteristics of the device color space to achieve matching and conversion, and ultimately achieve WYSIWYG.

1. For color characterization of monitors, the establishment of the monitor profile, through the CMS to the standard color space conversion.

2. Color gamut of the output device characteristics, establish output device description file, according to description file, convert to CMYK dot percentages to standard color space.

3. Input, display and output devices are in the same standard color space, the order to obtain uniform color appearance.

4. Characteristics of the scanner for color, building color scanner description file, the control of the input image RGB values, according to description file conversion to standard color space.

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