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LCD brightness
2011-09-26 by seoer

Brightness is the brightness of the screen, the unit is Candela per square meter (cd/m2) or called nits, that is, per square meter per candle. Currently there are two ways to improve the brightness, a light is to improve the pass rate of the LCD display panels ; Another is to increase the brightness of the background light, an increase of the number of lamps.

Note that the lighter the better the product is not necessarily the product, the I2C LCD display screen is too bright often do not feel, on the one hand easily cause visual fatigue, but also make black and white contrast reduce the impact of Levels and the gray scale. Therefore, to improve display brightness, we must also improve its contrast, or the entire display will appear white phenomenon. In addition, the uniformity of brightness is also very important, but in the product specifications in the LCDs usually do not do labels. Brightness uniformity or not, and backlight with mirror closely related to the number and configuration, better quality display, the screen brightness uniformity, soft non-glaring, no obvious dark area.

Now the brightness of the LCD technology research, has now reached 800 or even higher, close to the standard CRT monitors. In addition, the brightness of the LCD display have different nominal ways, for example, a typical brightness of 350, maximum brightness could be 400, is the kind of specific, manufacturers generally do not do instructions. So there will be within a certain range can not distinguish between the display only through the parameters of good and bad circumstances, buy liquid crystal display contrast, while also considering other factors, the actual best watch display.

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