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Experience ultra-clear picture quality LED LG New E2381VR first test
2011-09-07 by seoer

LG's new LED LCD modules power consumption test

Finally, we tested for LG E2381VR for power. In the test, we strictly follow the state promulgated the "computer monitor energy efficiency standards" for testing. In the test, we will all color LCD LG E2381VR control (hue, saturation, etc.) should be adjusted to the factory defaults. Should not connect any external devices, including USB hub or port.
 In the test, we show a selection from full black to full white with 8 levels of gray test patterns (shown above) for testing, and the brightness of the LCD monitor, respectively, adjusted to 100,75,50,25,0, and test the standby power consumption.
As LG E2381VR LCD using LED backlight design, energy saving, etc. are an important selling point of this product. After our testing, LG E2381VR LCD's maximum power consumption of only 29W, the minimum power consumption is only 17W, energy saving effect compared to the traditional CCFL backlight, 23-inch display can be achieved very significant results.

● LG new LED LCD Evaluation Summary

LG Electronics LG E2381VR equipped with their own solutions to enhance the resolution of R & D - Super-resolution (Super + Resolution) feature, this program greatly enhanced the display contrast in color to enhance the performance, but also reduces the visual picture mosaic effect on the image display processing results are quite remarkable, improved picture quality and viewing comfort. Shows the LG E81 series excellent quality playback. Users are not dealing with clear photos or video, LG E81 series of super-resolution (Super + Resolution) feature that users can show a more clear picture, very suitable for large or reward chart like to watch the entertainment users.
LG E81 series as a whole for the metallic body design, a border for the drawing material, designed with a chrome stand resolute and powerful. Base design is quite sophisticated, upper titanium material, central part of the mirror design to form a square into a law-abiding. Light design in the middle of the base, a filling out of the blue light touch. Body back and do not in the traditional design, stylish black cover with a full cool personality. At the same time, EZ plug wire to connect the hidden mouth design, all the power and integrated set of interfaces in the back of the monitor base. The rear of the fuselage, without any interference from uncoordinated, simple and clean.
The LG E2381VR LCD biggest feature is that it has a unique built-in software systems. The system consists of an intelligent key operation control, allowing the display more clear and realistic picture. This is 23-inch widescreen graphics LCD display, price is compared to the E90 series and close to many, is more economical for users to buy.

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