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Change in the display industry needs to think the 2nd transformation
2011-09-18 by seoer

Before we have been emphasizing technological advances for the importance of the IT industry, it does not just promote the development of the industry, a better experience for consumers and the consumer market will play a significant stimulus. Such as CPU and GPU performance continues to improve so that we can smooth the latest games of Fun, hard disk capacity and speed increases can help users to store more content, increased the size of the display screen allows the user to enjoy a better viewing experience, etc. These upgrades and innovation will continue to stimulate the user's desire for consumption, but also the sound development of the entire industry.

In the display area, although the upgrading of its technology with CPU, GPU so much slower than the product, but over the past two decades there have been very "to force" new technology or new improvements, the biggest change CRT to LCD's nature is changed, both in its size or screen size, weight change, have made a revolutionary change, this is the first large display industry transformation.

The LCD display into the era, its technological advances more reflected in the response time, color saturation, backlight and the screen size and other nature areas. Especially in the response time and screen size, LCD monitors from the gradual decline over the first 20ms to 16ms, 8ms, 5ms or 2ms, every advance can get a lot of the concerns of consumers; and the expansion of screen size on the more attractive to users of the After all, large-screen visual shock is caused by everyone is eager to get, so every time a few years ago when they introduced a larger-size displays can get very high degree of attention.

But the past two years, with the LCD in response time has been unable to make even greater breakthroughs, improved dynamic contrast ratio of more limited impact on the screen, the screen size to 30 inch rear, there is nothing to continue to expand meaning, and 3D, multi-touch technology in the ultra low temperature display still is not mature, high prices, and related software or content without the support, so the display industry is facing a "lean" the embarrassment of the times: the existing technology too "old", the development into the bottleneck; and the new technology too, "virtual" and can not get sales, so manufacturers can only be entered continuously monitor the price war. In order to avoid price war damage caused to the entire industry, display manufacturers to seek only the second major transformation.

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