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Car TFT LCD monitor and LCD LCD Whats the difference
2011-09-04 by seoer1

TFT LCD and TFT LCD display What is the difference?

TFT: ThinFilmTransistor thin film transistor, which is an active matrix type liquid crystal display in an AM-LCD, TFT LCD set back in a special fluorescent tubes can be "active" on the screen to control each individual pixel, which is The so-called active matrix TFT (ActiveMatrixTFT) origins, which can greatly improve response time, generally faster response time of TFT, about 80ms, while the STN was 200ms, there will be flashing if you want to improve the phenomenon.

And as TFT active-matrix LCD is liquid crystal arrangement allows a memory, will not disappear immediately after the current restitution. TFT STN also improved flash (ripple) - blurred effectively improve the ability of playing the dynamic images. And STN compared, TFT has excellent color saturation, reducing power and higher contrast, but the drawback is more power, and the cost is relatively high.

LCD: LiquidCrystalDisplay, liquid crystal display, divided into: single-color, pseudo color, true color, and so on. The TFT LCD is a kind, also called true color. In brightness, viewing angle than the other two are strong!

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