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With LCD display and use Rules attention
2011-08-30 by seoer

Liquid crystal display (LCD) growing into the homes of one hundred letters home, as a high-end consumer goods and new hardware, a lot of people need to understand the rules of its everyday use, is a brief introduction:

First, the daily water is a basic requirement, but also the most prone to problems, and the general CRT display or other electronic products, IC products within the event of "flood", components are easily damaged failure. In contrast, LCD display is more delicate, because water or moisture into the cause of the fault up. But do not talk about "water" pale, if found in the off state is only a small amount of fog screen surface, wipe gently with a soft cloth, and other natural dry before turning, and sometimes feel the water enter the LCD more often can be placed in the warmer areas, so that the water gradually evaporated, the general can solve the problem, for example, can be placed under the lamp, the temperature can not play too high;

Second, long-burning is not desirable, although the product description on the LCD will generally specify the length of time of continuous work long, but the average user do not work the LCD for a long time, unless as a last resort, the use of a few hours later, We must let the LCD take a break, at least to reduce its display brightness. Because the LCD imaging unit is composed of many of LCD to build, over a long period of continuous use, will aggravate the aging or burn the body, damage occurs, is permanent, irreparable.

Third, to prevent collisions and severe shock, remember LCD's weak anti-impact ability, many crystals and sensitive electrical components when subjected to impact will be damaged. LCD base is generally more solid and stable, but does not exclude the use of oversight and sometimes it will make it overturned; as far as possible when moving gently.

Finally, with special emphasis on prohibiting unauthorized removal. LCD display screen work with thousands of volts of high voltage, even in off a long time, the components of the CFL is still possible with the exchange control voltage up to 1000V, such as unknown on the go disassembly, easy to create their own body harm, not to mention the installation of more sophisticated LCD, non-professionals can not grasp to be only possible to expand into big glitches failure. Alert the user, such as problems at home Yexian first or authorized service providers and products or contact the original shipping units as high-end products, the market generally have good after-sales service.

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