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Display Type
2011-09-20 by seoer

Commonly used desktop CRT monitors and LCD modules are two:
Roughly speaking, now sub-spherical CRT and CRT monitors, flat screen tube two. Is the so-called sphere is a spherical cross-section tubes, which tubes are in the horizontal and vertical bending. The flat screen CRT in terms of horizontal or vertical direction is completely flat, distortion will be smaller than the spherical tube. Now the real sense of the LCD character display have disappeared, replaced by a "flat rectangular" tubes, flat rectangular tube is not really the true sense of the plane, but the CRT tube smaller than the spherical curvature, close to the plane, and four angles are right angles only, currently on the market in addition to LCD flat screen monitors and are the spherical outer tube monitors, mostly because the price is cheaper, so in low-end models have been widely used.

Most current LCD monitors are TFT-LCDs.

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