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Bright LCD screen repair Editing tips teach you
2011-12-22 by seoer1

Most users believe that the bright LCD module manufacturer (dead pixels) is not repaired, there are bright spots of a generation to buy a product, or to dealers for, or nothing with.

Life to help introduce a method of repairing the screen bright spot, precisely a website. lifehacker.com presented on the website highlights a fix screen-JScreenFix.

First, the screen resolution set to maximum, with the browser open this site provides a Java applete (you may need to install the Java Runtime Environment); then drag the pop-up window to highlight the location of snow, placed twenty minutes, is said to You can fix most highlights. The principle is the high switching frequency randomly alternating red, green and blue, to stimulate the highlights disappear.

The author of the screen just has a red highlight, try this method, although the red dot not completely disappeared, but a lot of really dark, at least down to a four-star first-class magnitude, do not look carefully not find the.

Than in the past to see what massage, like the fly backlog of law more. Recommend you try. If one is not obvious, you can move a bit about the location of the window try again some time.

According to the website claims that this method, plasma TV, mobile phone low power LCD has bright spots, etc. repair.

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