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LED LCD display is a general trend to become commercial
2011-08-31 by seoer

It is because of LED lighting technology has many outstanding advantages, which in recent years been used in household and commercial display equipment. Generally considered, with LED backlight, LCD display can bring, such as thin body, rich colors, a wider horizon, energy saving, longer life and other features.

In recent years, energy saving and low-carbon into the mainstream of development of electronic industry, with LED backlight technology matures, and business users of commercial energy demand improved LED display, commercial television gradually be taken seriously.

Compared with the conventional LCD, with LED-backlit I2C LCD display size significantly reduced power consumption, reduce hazardous materials use, wider color gamut, contrast ratio is also higher, so the performance of more deep black, the color performance of the more beautiful, and has long service life.

Compared to conventional displays, using cutting-edge LED backlight technology, Samsung Samsung ultra-thin LED large screen display, energy saving compared to traditional displays 30%, while designed with a natural environmentally friendly materials, mercury-free halogen-free more green. With Samsung LED large screen display, for example, due to the adoption of LED backlight, 30% energy savings can be realized, and has more than 50,000 hours life.

With advances in technology and the users of ultra-thin, environmental protection and other needs has become increasingly evident to the contrast, response time and other traditional indicators as the core of the competition has ended early. Future low-power, low-hazardous substances, long-life electrical products will become the mainstream of development, LED technology has become a number of display manufacturers recognized the trend.

Data display, LED-backlit display showing blowout in 2010, LED-backlit LCD module market penetration in nearly 1 / 5, and continued growth. The PRC, 2011, backlight technology, LED products will achieve rapid growth, the annual volume will exceed 24 million units. With LED-backlit LCD panel prices should be gradually reduced, LED technology in 2011 will face the explosive popularity of, and may become a standard commercial monitors.

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