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LCD panel is composed of what
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Before we launched the channel ZOL display "LCD Basics 100 Q 'column, the column is aimed at readers new to the display, or would like to know the basics of the primary monitor readers to help users understand this part of the display of only the most basic . Today, we introduce the theme: How the LCD panel is composed of?

We all know that China LCD module manufacturer LCD panel is the most important, and occupied one of the highest cost component. Although the ultimate effect of the color liquid crystal display not only by the LCD panel to determine that a part (the display of the IC chip is also very crucial), but it is a very important part. But most readers generally see are LCD monitors or LCD TV's "full body", just a block up to see the LCD panel, but the inside of the structure in the end what is it?

LCD panel consists of the following eight parts:

1, light source (or backlight);

As the liquid crystal molecules themselves are not light, so if you want to show a picture, the LCD displays require special light source to provide light, and then through the liquid crystal molecules tilt to produce different colors. The backlight is to provide light play the role. LCD monitors are used before the name of the CCFL cold cathode ray tube, the fluorescent light principle with almost identical, while the new LCD monitors are now using a more energy-efficient, long life LED backlight side. Lamp (or LED) light after the light guide plate by the light distribution to the different parts, through the back of the reflector to focus the direction of all light toward the liquid crystal molecules. Finally, the light through the prism sheet and spread evenly distribute the light board to go out, to avoid the central brightness is too high, surrounded by low light conditions.

2, the lower two polarizers;

Polaroid is to allow the light from a single direction through.

3, two upper and lower glass substrate;

Two glass substrates just as simple, with a groove on its inside structure and adhesion with the film, allowing the liquid crystal molecules arranged neatly along the trench. In the last two layers of glass will be affixed on both sides of thin-film transistor TFT and color filter.

 4, ITO transparent conductive layer;

Its role is to provide a conductive path is divided into pixel electrode (P level) and the common electrode (M level). On the next page we have you on the LCD panelstructure more content.

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Let us look carefully at the other four major structures.

5, thin-film transistor (that is, we call TFT);

We often say that TFT-LCD, its actually refers to the thin-film transistor, its role is similar to switch, TFT IC control circuit to control the voltage on the signal, and transported to the liquid crystal molecules in liquid crystal molecules determine the angle of deflection size, so it is very important components.

6, the molecular layer;

This not too much to explain, it is to change the light polarization state of the most important element, through the power of the power and flexibility to determine their arrangement and co-polarized state.

LCD panel structure

7, the color filter;

Deflection of light through the liquid crystal molecules can display different shades of gray, but can not provide red, green, blue (RGB) primary colors, and RGB color filters by three filtering slices through the three different colors mixed drink regulation and brightness. Each pixel in the LCD panel by the red, green, blue three-point form, each color has a different point of each gray-scale changes.

LCD panel filter

8, box plastic;

I believe we all can guess the role of this component, which is to let the liquid crystal panel in the upper and lower glass substrate can firmly stick together, and the internal systems and external "isolation" to prevent dust from entering impact color effects.

Of course, the above described structure of the market most of the LCD panel TVs and monitors the use of the structure of some special products may use different parts, but overall the basic structure and working principle will not be much difference. We usually refer to "LED backlit" refers to is in the first part of the improvements made backlight, CCFL cold cathode ray tube will be replaced into LED, while almost no change in other parts (part of the external power supply minor adjustments will be appropriate). In addition, the size of the LCD display color gamut, but also mainly by the LCD backlight to decide.

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