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Application of new technologies with LCD monitor
2011-09-14 by seoer
(1) TFT-Active Element used to drive the structure to create better images, with new technology uses a unique type TFT Active Element to drive. We all know that very complex liquid crystal display screen in addition to the most important part of the LCD in addition, we must count is directly related to the brightness of the backlit LCD screen and is responsible for producing the color of the color filter. Each pixel in an LCD to install on the Active Element for point control, making the display screen and full integration in stark contrast compared to the CRT display, this control mode in the display of accuracy, than the previous control is much higher, so the image appears on the CRT display at the poor quality, color bleeding, and the phenomenon of jitter is very powerful, but added a new technology when viewed on its LCD display screen is quite pleasing quality . (2) the use of color filter production process to create colorful images in the color filter forming the body has not been made before, on the first material to form the body of dye, then add the filling membrane manufacturing. This process requires very high manufacturing standards. But other than ordinary LCD screen, with this type of manufacturing out of the LCD, in terms of resolution, color characteristics, or the use of life is, have a very excellent performance. So that in high-resolution LCD color Banlan environment to create the picture. (3) low-reflective LCD technology is well known that the outside light on the LCD screen has a very large disturbance, some of the LCD display, light, relatively strong in the outside world when the surface of the glass because it is the reflection, and interference to its normal display. Therefore, in some of the bright outdoor public places, the performance and observability will be greatly reduced. Many LCD monitors now and then even if the resolution is high, the reflection did not handle the technology, thus the application of practical work are not practical. Some pure data alone, in fact, there is a bias to guide the user's behavior. The new LCD display on the use of "low-reflective LCD screen" technology is the outermost layer of the LCD screen to impose reflective coating technology to prevent (AR coat), with this layer of paint, liquid crystal display screen of the issue gloss, liquid crystal display screen itself, transmittance, liquid crystal display screen resolution, to prevent the reflection of these four aspects, but to a better improvement. (4) advanced the "continuous crystalline silicon materials industry," Liquid Crystal Display LCD products in some way, in the dynamic movie viewing screen will appear when the delay phenomenon, which is due to the liquid crystal display screen pixel response time seemed caused by insufficient . In order to improve pixel response rate, adopt new technologies, the most advanced LCD Si TFT liquid crystal display mode with the LCD screen than the old 600 times faster pixel response rate, the effect is really quite different. Advanced "continuous crystalline silicon materials industry," technology is the use of special manufacturing methods, the original non-transparent crystalline silicon electrodes, in order to rate 600 times the normal speed for mobile, thus greatly accelerating the speed of response pixel LCD screen to reduce the delay phenomenon screen appears. Now, the low-temperature polysilicon technology, reflective liquid crystal materials research has entered the application phase, but also make the development of the LCD into a new era. The continuous development of the LCD, while the other flat-panel displays are progressive, the plasma display panel (PDP), electroluminescent array display (FED) and light-emitting polymer displays (LEP) technology will set off in the future the new flat-panel displays wave. Among them, the most noteworthy and promising is the field-display, it has many better than the performance of TFT LCD display... but it can be concluded, LCD display technology into a new era, as another branch of the force display products, they will likely replace CRT monitors .
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