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Response time important How fast the LCD is suitable for you
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Response time and color of the Game

Together with the birth of the liquid crystal display, there is a new term, that is "response time", bought the display LCD module for people who intend to buy a LCD, and a variety of games and DVD enthusiasts, this is a term Ruleiguaner .

IBM veteran LCD

From the earliest recollections of IBM s 60ms LCD display, and now the gray ViewSonic and BenQ 2ms response time LCD technology continues to progress, continue to shorten response time. However, all people know, the color liquid crystal display performance results and the response time can not have both fish and bear s paw.


Aiptek s OverDrive control chip Yu
While through the additional IC, can be successfully promoted to 16 ms 4 ms gray

The so-called response time, the LCD display of each pixel of the input signal reaction speed, that is, pixels from dark to light or dark by the light switch to the time required (the principle is applied in liquid crystal molecules within the voltage, the liquid crystal molecules to reverse and replies) . The shorter the response time of the user when looking at the more dynamic picture will not affect tail dragging feeling.

Response time to the meaning of this very abstract image of the show you more, we can do a simple conversion: = 1/0.030 = 30 ms display 33 images per second; = 25 ms display 40 per second screen; 16 ms = 63 images per second display; = 12 ms display 83 images per second, and 8 ms = frames per second display 125.
Page 2: in the end how fast the human eye would not notice the drag and drop it?

So, how many frames per second to be displayed in order for the naked eye can not drag it feel? Here involves a persistence of vision problems. People visible screen is divided into static images and dynamic images, the human eye s persistence of vision time is 0.05 seconds, so when the image changes continuously over 24 frames per second of time, the human eye can not distinguish each separate pieces stills, which appears to be smooth and continuous visual effects.

This is what we first saw the cartoon, but people are not satisfied with this, we pursue a more coherent dynamic picture, so has the effect of VCD and DVD. DVD playback support is needed to screen the screen displays 60 frames per second, that the response time of 16ms. In other words, the use of more than 16 ms response time of LCD display panels, we can fully meet the requirements of a variety of audio and video file playback.
Now, with the development of large-scale online games, especially the Need for Speed, CS and so speed the development of the game, for the response time requirements are also increasing. In playing this game, the display has been rapid movement, so if the response time is not fast enough, then obviously that smear, direct impact on the game results, even in CS due to not see the enemy were killed .
So how fast the response time is enough to play this exciting game? For this problem from another point of view we have to think about - the game of the FPS requirements. The veterans know playing CS, CS, when playing FPS locked at 90 or 100, the game will be very fluent and smooth.
 FPS (frame per second) that display the number of frames per second, that the popular CS game on screen display of the best requirement is 100, which shows 100 frames per second. Put this into LCD response time, then that is 1 / 100 = 0.01 that the response time of 10ms. In other words, when the LCD response time of 10 ms, to fully meet the needs of the CS game. But why there are still many people with 8 ms response time LCD monitors are still not satisfied with it? This time I want to cite a CS master s words: "When you find fault with the monitor when you first review your host configuration, if your host configuration there is no problem, then you from the review of your own technology."
Page 3: how fast you need to buy in the end of the LCD?

Finally, we come up from the cost on to the next, in the end how much of the liquid crystal response time for you. People know about LCD, LCD response time improved by an increase in the LCD panel to achieve a variety of control chip.

Samsung gray 8ms 16.7M color LCD 173P + top
Than the average market price of 3450 yuan 8ms 17-inch grayscale LCD expensive one thousand

You want faster response time, the higher the cost of chips, so the market faster response time than LCD monitors tend to a few hundred to a thousand other oceans. At the same time there is also another problem is the color and response time - can not have both fish and bear s paw problems: better color now usually use 8bit panel of the IC circuit digits, and with the VA or IPS, wide viewing angle technology, increasing the difficulty of controlling the liquid crystal cell to reverse the response time is more difficult to upgrade. In other words the faster the response time performance in color LCD will be more of less.

In short, buy a LCD monitor, the first pat his head and pocketbook, think clearly, in the end how much response time monitor for you?

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