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NEC LCD landscape professional information publishing solution
2011-09-01 by seoer

the information flow constantly interacting, real-time updates of information in modern society, dynamic information published in the transportation, finance, business and other fields has important applications, however, the application of these industry characteristics dynamic information display for release made a very demanding. In the recently held international electrical giant NEC's "uniform of the boundless realm of" professional China LCD module manufacturer monitor appeared on the new conference, NEC LCD landscape professional information publishing solution can well meet the application requirements of the industry.
NEC LCD landscape professional information publishing solution works by the five NEC LCD P461 horizontal composition, with a variety of dynamic information display screen in between each consecutive pass. Such as shopping show, interesting product images in different display unit can be passed back and forth between, add a fun promotion for the product; in the transport sector, the real-time updated flight information on the solution can be kept in the display ; rapidly changing arena of sports events of the reports, but also cross-screen liquid crystal display NEC professional information publishing solution is entirely familiar. The program is suitable for publishing real-time dynamic information can also be publishing information on the solid rhythm to enhance the information explosion of the society has a very broad application space.

Information dissemination as the NEC solution landscape cornerstone NECP461 very strong performance of professional LCD monitors, with the machine stability and long service life, environmental adaptability, suitable for the occasion in a variety of complicated installation and use. The image performance, with NEC's unique color changing system, 6-axis can display color (red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, blue) independently adjusted, which can effectively reduce the signal attenuation with long-signal compensation, The user can create a very rich world of color. And NECP461 also equipped with automatic dimming AMBIENT model, the role of the sensor, the display can automatically adjust itself according to the brightness of the environment, significant cost savings for users.

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