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How to choose LCD
2011-09-18 by seoer

For the professional image processing and often three-dimensional animation of the user, the proposed selection of high-end large-screen 17-inch LCD, the current major domestic and foreign manufacturers can produce high-end 17-inch LCD monitor. Users should pay special attention in choosing the following indicators:

(1) response time is shorter than the CRT monitors, this has been the soft underbelly where the liquid crystal display. To ensure high-speed users, such as animation does not lag, response time should not exceed 30ms, which is roughly equivalent to the TV screen playback speed;

(2) higher resolution, professional design requirements of the display can clearly depicts the subtle nuances of the image resolution to 1280 × 1024 should be more than fine for some particular areas best able to achieve 1600 × 1280;

(3) contrast and brightness, both of which display the image quality and color fidelity has a direct impact on the brightness for professional users should 300cd/m2, 350:1 contrast ratio be well positioned to meet the requirements.

And advertising design, image processing and other fields different emphasis on the key performance indicators, the average home user in the choice of LCD monitors when considering performance, design and price factors, while ensuring enough, the pursuit of cost-effective and indulgent . For now, the goal should be locked in the purchase price less than $ 3,000 15-inch LCD monitor. For play-based user, LCD through technology innovation, has been able to achieve the stringent requirements of users, in addition to as CS, QUICK so slightly difficult and challenging 3D game, other games are not on the LCD, then the next, and many game under the new technology of LCD performance is quite good, in the fight game players battle, LCD has shown strong momentum.

With LCD technology continues to mature, the use of four tubes, clear LCD display manufacture technology will gradually become mainstream. Currently on the market is also filled with many previous generation LCD displays, they only used two or even a lamp, technically inadequate, the brightness, contrast, sharpness and other indicators are part of the products to be obsolete, Users are recommended to choose, do not because the freeloaders, not to buy their own monitors. Two-lamp LCD, the screen dark, the color performance is weak. With four lamps, clear liquid crystal display technology, clear and bright, structured, highly purchase value.

In short, the new liquid crystal graphic LCD displays, since the demand for different consumer applications from their own reality, to choose the right products. For professional users, to ensure that performance indicators should first meet the application requirements; but for the average user the application should meet the basic needs while seeking the highest price.

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