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Early development of LCD
2011-10-21 by seoer1
All along, the pursuit of a more perfect visual enjoyment are our goals desktop display devices, display technologies in recent years, the development review process, we find that it is around the same theme - "the pursuit of a better visual comfort of the human eye." !
As in recent years, suddenly the emerging new products, liquid crystal display has been fully replaced by a bulky CRT monitor display device is now mainstream. However, the development of liquid crystal display of the road is not smooth sailing as we had imagined. Here, we review new and old players to China LCD module development in recent years, the road twists and turns hard.
LCD early development (1986 to 2001) - inhibit the development of the high cost of road
Early immature technology, LCD is mainly used in digital watches, calculators and other areas
We usually say the LCD, it's the English full name Liquid Crystal Display, is directly translated into Chinese liquid crystal display, referred to as liquid crystal displays.
LCD is an almost completely transparent material. It determines the molecular arrangement of the path of light through the LCD. To the 1960s, it was found that charge to the liquid crystal will change its molecular arrangement, and then causing distortions or refraction of light, which led people to invent the idea of ??liquid crystal display device.
The world's first liquid crystal display devices in the early 1970s, called TN-LCD (twisted nematic) LCD character display. Although the display is monochrome, it still extended to a spreadsheet, calculator and other fields.
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