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Classification of liquid crystal display
2011-10-16 by seoer1
China LCD module products as early as present in our lives. Such as electronic watches, calculators, handheld game consoles. Arranged according to the different molecular structure can be divided into three types: clay-like Smestic like LCD, similar to the cotton swab of the Nematic liquid crystal, similar to cholesterol-like Choleseic LCD, three different physical properties of liquid crystal, liquid crystal display is used for The second LCD. Making use of such liquid crystal display called LCD. Common liquid crystal display is divided into TN-LCD, STN-LCD, DSTN-LCD and TFT-LCD of four, which shows the first three basic principles are the same, but molecular arrangement in a different order; and TFT-LCD is used TN Series LCD very different works. Are currently using this on a computer LCD monitor. The working principle is the use of two sandwich in the middle filled with liquid crystal molecules, laminated upper FET transistor. The lower part of the common sandwich panels, the light source is designed to use the "back through the style" exposure mode, set the character LCDback light like fluorescent tubes. Light sources, the liquid crystal molecules with the bottom-up, revealed a light transmission through the FET transistor layer, crystal molecules are arranged in reverse direction is the phenomenon of light, the image displayed on the screen through the light to power the next generation after the arrangement of molecules the order will change, and then show a different image.
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