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China to keep the display market is characterized by slow growth in the three
2011-09-22 by seoer

IDC recently released the "China market quarterly tracking report display" shows the first half of 2010 (1-6 months) monitor shipments in China reached 2,147 million units, compared with the same period last year, overall shipments increased by 12% .

Already relatively saturated PC monitor market, the growth rate of 12% is a good result. In this regard, IDC research vice president, Asia Pacific, explained Ms. Huo Jinjie further 12% of this figure carefully interpreted, can be found behind the numbers reveals some of the changes in the market information. First, growth in the first half of the display market, the source bundle from the PC monitor market. IDC data show that, in the first half tied the market grew by 26% year on year, rather than the market growth rate is still tied up less than 4%. In other words, PC desktop market in the first half of the good performance to some extent, masked the sluggish market, non-binding fact. Second, when the first quarter of 2009 is still in the market under the influence of the economic crisis, which also makes the high growth rate in the first half of the year. Ms. Huo Jinjie that, for the display of such a high degree of market maturity, technology switching and Plough market competition has become the main theme.

IDC China, responsible for the LCD module supplier market research analyst Mei Chen and Zhang Wei believes Throughout the first half of 2010, China's display market showed the following characteristics:

1. LED display to occupy the market quickly

In the 16:9 widescreen display has dominated the market, the manufacturers and sales channels are the focus to the LED display. IDC data show that, as of second quarter of 2010, LED display market share has reached 6.8%, and continued to show a rapid upward trend. As a new type of LED display technology, not only can save energy costs, but also has high contrast and high image quality advantage. Such displays in the consumer market has won high praise and gradually gaining in popularity. In terms of price, small size, OLED displays and LCD is almost the same spread, the large size of the spreads are significantly reduced, these positive factors will further promote the development of LED displays.

(2) lack of market demand led to an oversupply of panels, a general decline in terminal market prices

First half of 2010 China's display market has slowed, in addition to government procurement and schools, etc. are still large, the consumer market demand is clearly insufficient. By one machine and monitor the impact of larger notebooks, coupled with China's economic slowdown triggered by the decline in consumer confidence, consumer enthusiasm for buying the display is not high. This directly led to an oversupply of panel manufacturers, the manufacturers and channels were also faced with the dilemma of a huge inventory. In this case, a substantial price promotions become effective digestion manufacturers to expand sales of inventory and marketing strategy. IDC predicts that the price drop this situation will continue until the second half of 2010. However, due to LED products and rolling out touch-screen products, the price of large screen displays the rate of decline is relatively flat.

3 firms active channel adjustment in response to fierce market competition

The face of tough market conditions, all the major manufacturers are actively looking for their own marketing strategy in order in the increasingly fierce competition to win additional market opportunities. Philips is a successful example of channel change, has since shifted to its own sales channels, the sales and market share have improved significantly. Then, Acer is also the beginning of 2010 for large-scale transformation to flat channels, more in-depth consumer market. IDC believes that, until the channel system, streamline, the Acer in the consumer market, the impact will be further strengthened.

IDC predicts the overall display market by 2010 China is expected to reach 44.09 million units, annual growth rate of 10 percent in the fourth quarter will be more crucial second half of the quarter. Next few years, China's display market will remain slow growth.

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