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Air China to achieve self-developed breakthrough in TFT LCD module
2011-08-24 by seoer

Shenzhen Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. has successfully produced a prototype LCD aviation, to achieve our own development and production of TFT-LCD liquid crystal display air of a breakthrough.

TFT-LCD's professional title is "no radiation thin-film transistor active matrix liquid crystal displays," is a family of high-end China LCD module varieties in recent years in the appliance, automotive and other fields has been widely used.

In the aviation field, the use of TFT-LCD liquid crystal display with a cathode-ray tube instead of air (CRT), has gradually become an international trend of technological development, the U.S. had 777 of the cockpit using the product. Experts say, bulky, high voltage, radiation CRT will be eliminated in the aircraft cockpit, an independent R & D TFT LCD module development for China's aviation industry is important.

It is understood that the prototype is already compatible with night vision function with bright, low temperature heating and cooling temperature control, continuous brightness adjustment function, video display, modular system of the reinforcement function, electromagnetic shielding function. R & D to design and drive the backlight control to achieve Baitian Jiang visibility and light control switch to the night by the visibility of faint stars. The optimal design of shell cooling structure, ensure the module in extreme high or low temperature work. Systems in parts of the structure are adopted different types of reinforcement and shock measures.

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