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Small LCD Fun How to adjust the display resolution
2011-12-19 by seoer1

Recently, more and more low-priced LCD, 15.6 widescreen 499 yuan, 17 widescreen 599 yuan, 690 yuan 18.5 widescreen, 19 widescreen 590 yuan, 999 yuan 22 widescreen, 24 widescreen 1,650 yuan, 28 widescreen 1999 yuan, the major manufacturers provide consumers with an attractive price, and more consumers, "abandon" a CRT monitor, LCD replaced. also just start with a small LCD module supplierthat shows the font is always used when hair is true, ask a lot of friends and no one knows how to solve such problems, and in many forums that many people are looking to solve this problem the road. So what exactly how to solve this problem?

Many users have experienced the problem font made false

One reason: Incorrect resolution setting

With current LCD size has become increasingly diverse, they also have more different sizes of the best resolution. Many consumers use the LCD monitor will not work with the best resolution, the resolution is set, it does not formed at the point on the display, the font will be stretched or compressed, resulting in vague, unclear and other phenomena the following, we summarize some of the best mainstream LCD display resolution:

Reason Two: There is no automatic adjustment using the AUTO

Currently on the market a lot of lower-priced LCD monitors are not equipped with DVI interface, but only a single D-Sub interface, and the market is equipped with DVI and D-Sub interface, LCD monitors do not have a lot of models were presented DVI cable, so many consumers still use the D-Sub data cable to the computer connections are. Using D-Sub cable, even if set to the best resolution, many people will still see the screen text made false phenomenon. At this point, if you press the "AUTO" button, the Character displays monitor will automatically adjust the text display sharper.

Display control keys in the AUTO (automatic adjustment) button

D-Sub cable

When conditions permit, we recommend that consumers use the DVI cable to connect this connection, the system will automatically adjust to the best shows clearly state, without the use of "AUTO" button, users only need to change into the best resolution rate can be.

Two reasons: poor display itself or aging IC circuit design

Fonts made in the virtual phenomenon, more users than is caused by the above two points, that is mostly due to the use of their own consumers, rather than display their own problems. However, due to poor quality of some of the production of liquid crystal display driver IC circuit design or defective workmanship, the same fonts will be made false phenomenon.

Not all LCD monitors have a good quality

In addition to its own IC drive circuit design problems, some with longer periods of time LCD IC driver circuit originals of aging, which may cause the screen appear the phenomenon of virtual hair. At this point, the user should promptly contact the sales center for repair.

Learned above methods, a small also found their own font made false reasons, after the changes, small finally see a clear picture of the font. Moreover, the small for her friends to explain the reasons for the virtual font issue, and help them solve the problem, a small display of a person.

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