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LCD splicing system Maintenance of common sense must know the points
2011-12-12 by seoer1

All along, the large-screen DLP rear projection market is dominated by splicing, but splicing came from the LCD, the stitching on the market a big impact. Splicing in the LCD industry, not only the number of fast-growing enterprise, LCD splicing product is in government, power, water, telecommunications, public security, army, armed police, railway, transport, mining, energy, steel, enterprises and other monitoring center, dispatch center , command centers, conference rooms, showrooms and other places are widely used. LCD screen in the end stitching exactly what advantage? Why they would get the user a wide range of ages? Here I come to you to answer it.

First, compared to traditional DLP rear projection mosaic, the volume of liquid crystal mosaic is very thin indeed, whether it is for the airport waiting room, the use of a subway tunnel and other special occasions in terms of their combined value is self-evident. Because of this, not only can save ten yuan per square meter may be even higher in the daily rental, but also has a beautiful special effects. To try to make ultra-thin LCD splicing wall design consistent with the space, rather than a significant lordosis, this aesthetic is enough to make it overcome the advantages of DLP splicing. It is also because of its ultra-thin LCD display modules makes splicing very flexible, any user can put it upside down position, rotation, in any horizontal, vertical, tilted angle and stitching. The wide variety of popular splicing methods are not only shaped the user is more interested in stitching, even the manufacturers have begun to devote more energy to do. Secondly, the liquid crystal mosaic has a long life, maintenance costs are relatively low features. LCD technology is the most excellent flat panel display technologies, the use of liquid crystal display wall unit with more than 60,000 hours of lamp life and image stability after working long hours without any change. Liquid crystal display technology without any need for regular replacement of consumable equipment, so maintenance and repair costs low. More importantly, the liquid crystal display technology and more traditional DLP stitching together another huge advantage is the high light utilization efficiency. This also determines the liquid crystal display unit is easier to achieve higher display brightness. At present, the bright LCD display is no longer just a new technology, the number of domestic and international companies have launched. These products not only can show to fill in some special areas, the demand for liquid crystal display applications, but also opened the LCD outdoors in direct sunlight applications possible.

LCD screen splicing and maintenance tips: With this many advantages of LCD stitching makes the pace of development in the market and no one, including the number of firms and the number of users have been growing rapidly. But with the LCD splicing system more and more users, more and more problems will be found. LCD splicing system in the usual process of how to use the attention to what? How can we make the system better life? Do not worry, with the following view on the LCD screen due to work long hours stitching is very easy to make some hot pixels, Once over the limit will result in permanent damage, which is often said to form a dead pixel. As the mosaic screen pixel LCD is liquid crystal composition, so when working at full capacity continuously more than 96 hours, it will accelerate to its aging, even when serious burn. So, if you must work long hours, it is best to let it rest for a while intermittent, or often in different time intervals to change the screen appear, because the state is waiting for work to reduce the brightness, or in screen saver mode operate for a while, this little effort not only to delay the aging of the LCD screen and avoided damage to other hardware, LC7981 Graphic LCD module, whether any problems have prohibited self-assembly of liquid crystal mosaic screen (special is especially interested in the general DIY), once LCD screen is not working properly splicing can find vendors to help solve. As the LCD backlight off components of the transformer is still possible after a certain time with a 1000V high voltage (although micro-current), rather than the professional component if not handled properly may cause new problems. Moreover, LCD display is very fragile delicate, poor impact resistance. This is because the LCD contains a lot of precision glass components and agile delicate electrical components, once the strong impact it will cause the LCD screen and other related components damaged. So be sure to avoid the impact of a strong shock. At the same time, should pay attention not to put pressure on the surface of the LCD screen, such as a finger pointing the site of the screen, it is very likely to cause an increase in dead pixels move.

In addition, if once found the LCD screen surface dirt stitching, accurate method should be used to remove dirt.

The medium is best to use a soft, non-fibrous material, such as cotton, lens paper or soft cloth, then wipe gently dip a little glass cleaner, prohibit the use of alcohol, a class of chemical solution and can not get rough cloth or paper goods, because such material is easy to produce scratches. Here to remind you that, do not spray cleaning agents directly to the surface of the screen appear, it is very easy to flow to the internal screen LCD screen which led to short-circuit fault occurs, resulting in unnecessary losses.
LCD screen Huaping splicing common problems and solutions and then teach you the recipe I finally deal with the LCD screen Huaping splicing of several small ways, hoping to help you. ; Common Symptoms: appears on the LCD screen clutter noise-like phenomenon.

Solution: Such a situation is probably due to the LCD screen and graphics splicing cables appear loose, as long as the cable firmly connected, the status of clutter noise can be improved.

Common symptoms: irregular appear on the screen, intermittent stripes

Solution: Check whether the over-overclocked video card, if over-clocked graphics card often that happens, then overclocking should be appropriately reduced rate, but pay attention to, first of all to reduce the memory frequency.

Common symptoms: If there is video, but not the two strokes after the effective use of

Solution: After the above scenario, the user must search the quality of the graphics card. Users can check the card's magnetic shielding against electromagnetic interference and whether the quality of clearance. The specific measures are: the number of possible electromagnetic interference as far as possible away from the graphics card installed components (such as hard disk), look at Huaping disappears. If such is the graphics card, but off the electromagnetic shielding, should replace the video card, or home-made shields.

There is also a way to solve the screen Huaping, that is to check whether the installation of an incompatible video driver. This is usually easily overlooked, because the graphics card driver updates faster and faster, some users always wait to install the latest version of the driver. In fact, some of the latest test version of either the driver or graphics card or for a special version optimized for the game, the use of such drivers can sometimes lead to the emergence of Huaping.

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