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Features and advantages of LCD
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Development of fast, stable core technology

TFT-LCD industry has experienced a decade of production line seven times larger development, with an average 1.5 years of production line will be updated. However, the core technology of TFT-LCD is relatively stable. A wide range of industry-driven, global significance of the national economy: the upstream raw materials, production equipment, production technology involves the production of dozens of modern industrial area. Development of new materials, the manufacture of large-scale production equipment, advanced production technology, will drive the upstream industries. LCD module supplieris the core of information industry devices, related to communication, transportation, appliances, computers, education, industrial, medical, defense, etc. Almost all of the fields.

Technical characteristics of TFT TFT technology is developed in the 1990s, the use of new materials and new technology all the large-scale semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing technology, is the liquid crystal (LC), inorganic and organic thin film electroluminescent (EL and OEL ) flat panel display base. TFT glass or plastic substrates in the non-single-chip (of course you can also chip) by sputtering, chemical deposition process to form the necessary circuit manufacture a variety of membrane, the membrane through large-scale manufacture semiconductor integrated circuit (LSIC) . Non-single crystal substrate can greatly reduce the cost of a traditional large scale integrated circuits to large-scale, multi-functional, low-cost extension direction. In large glass or plastic substrate manufacturing control cell (LC or OLED) TFT switching performance scale than in silicon IC technology to create more difficult. Requirements of the production environment (purification degree 100), the raw material purity requirements (Electronic Specialty Gases of purity of 99.999985%), production equipment and production technology for the requirements in excess of semiconductor large scale integration, large-scale production of the top modern technology. Its main features are:

(1) a large area
The early nineties the first generation of large area glass substrates (300mm × 400mm) graphic LCD modulesproduction line, to the first half of 2000 glass substrate of the area has been expanded to 680mm × 880mm), and is expected to start in 2009 in Osaka, Japan SHARP investment 10 behalf of the line glass substrate size has reached 2880mmX3080mm, the size of the glass panels can be cut 15 42-inch LCD TV.

(2) high integration
For 1.3-inch TFT LCD projector chip resolution of XGA with one million pixels. Resolution of SXGA (1280 × 1024) 16.1-inch amorphous silicon TFT array thickness is only 50nm, and TABONGLASS and SYSTEMONGLASS technology, the IC integration, supply of equipment and technical requirements, technical difficulty more than the traditional LSI.

(3) powerful
Location as the first matrix TFT circuit improves the properties of liquid crystal light valve. For high-resolution display, through the range of 0-6V voltage regulator (the typical value of 0.2 to 4V), to achieve precise control of the object element, so that high-quality high-resolution LCD display is possible. TFT-LCD is a kind of human history than the CRT display quality on flat panel displays. Driver IC is now beginning to be integrated into the glass substrate, the TFT will be more powerful functions, which is the traditional large-scale semiconductor integrated circuit can not be compared.

(4) low-cost
Glass and plastic substrates from the fundamental solution to the cost of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuit, semiconductor integrated circuits for large-scale application to develop a broad application space.

(5) process flexibility
In addition to the use of sputtering, CVD (chemical vapor deposition) MCVD (molecular chemical vapor deposition) film other than the traditional process, the application of laser annealing began, both the production of amorphous films, polycrystalline films, you can create single crystal film. Not only can produce silicon film can also create other Ⅱ - Ⅵ family and of Ⅲ - Ⅴ semiconductor film.

(6) wide range of applications
Of TFT LCD technology-based flat panel display industry is the backbone of the information society, and technology can be applied to the rapidly growing light-emitting thin-film transistor (TFT-OLED) flat panel displays are rapidly growing.

Edit this paragraph the main advantages of TFT-LCD
With TFT technology matures early nineties, the rapid development of color LCD flat panel display, less than 10 years, TFT-LCD display rapid growth of the mainstream, which it has the advantage inseparable. Main features are:

(1) characteristics of a good
Low-voltage applications, low drive voltage, solid technology with improved security and reliability; flat-panel technology, but also light, save a lot of raw materials and use of space; low-power, its power consumption is about one-tenth of CRT monitors, reflective TFT-LCD or CRT only about 1%, saving a lot of energy; TFT-LCD products have specifications, dimensions series, species diversity, flexible and easy to use, maintenance, updates, upgrades easy, and long service life many features. Display range covers from 1-40 in. wide range of applications and all display a large projection plane, a full-size display terminal; display quality from the most simple character graphics to monochrome high-resolution, high color fidelity, High brightness, high contrast, high response speed of various models of video display; display a direct view, projection type, see-through, but also reflective.

(2) environmental characteristics of a good
No radiation, no flicker, no damage to the health of users. TFT-LCD, especially the emergence of electronic books, will the human into the paperless office, paperless printing times, lead to human learning, communication and documented revolution in the way of civilization.

(3) applies to a wide range of
From -20 ℃ to +50 ℃ temperature range can be used normally, after the temperature reinforcement of low-temperature TFT-LCD temperature can reach minus 80 ℃. Either as a mobile terminal display, desktop terminal display, but also for large-screen projection TVs, is excellent for full-size video display terminal.

(4) high degree of automation of manufacturing technology
Large-scale industrial production is good. TFT-LCD industry technology is mature, large-scale production of the finished product rate of 90%.

(5) TFT-LCD for easy integration and replacement of
Large-scale semiconductor integrated circuit technology and the perfect combination of light source technology, continue to develop potential. There are amorphous, polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon TFT-LCD, there would be other material TFT, both the glass substrate of another plastic substrate.

Edit this paragraph a-SiTFT-LCD Technology Research
Resolution: TFT-LCD resolution in recent years by the CGA (320 * 200), VGA (640 * 480), SVGA (800 * 600).

XGA (1024 * 768). SXGA (1280 * 1024) to the current UXGA (1600 * 1200), QXGA (2560 * 2048) level.

Contrast: the United States PPMuhoray, who introduced the waveguide-based LCD technology, and to use this technology to achieve a 174:1 high contrast ratio, and now the TFT-LCD contrast ratio up to 500:1.

Perspective: As the liquid crystal material is anisotropic, and its molecular arrangement and orientation of the electric field to rearrange the impact of LCD devices to obtain uniform broadening of perspective, which resulted in a perspective on the shortcomings of LCD devices, has raised a number of wide viewing angle technology, as-plane switching mode, corresponding to micro-cell model, domain vertical mode, viewing angle can reach 170 degrees.

Response speed: When the frame rate of 60%, the frame period is about 16ms, using the ordinary TN-LCD TFT-LCD device response time can be less than 20ms. Recently introduced a stabilization of the elastic polymer continuous plane switching method can shorten the response time to 10ms, with optical compensation response time can be shortened to 2 ~ 3ms, this technology has been developed with a response time of 8ms The color LCD TV.

Life: As the development of manufacturing technology, TFT-LCD's life up to 30,000 hours or more.

Have a large reflective screen and there: 38in has successfully developed the TFT-LCTV, the end of the era of large-screen LC of stitching, reflective TFT-LCD color monitors have begun to commercialization.

As the TFT production technology, liquid crystal materials to improve the performance, wide viewing angle technology adoption, improve the response speed and yield improvement, TFT-LCD display performance has been inferior to CRT.

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