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lcd module introduced
2011-10-28 by seoer1
LCM (LCDModule) that the LCD display modules , refers to the glass and the LCD driver integrated with the LCD display products, it provides a standard user interfaces LCD display driver (with 4, 8-bit, VGA and other types), the user interface to operate in accordance with the requirements of the right to control the LCD display. LCM is higher compared to the glass of the LCD integrated products for small-size LCD display, LCM can be more convenient with a variety of micro-controller (such as SCM) connection; However, for large size or color large font LCD display, the general control system will take up a considerable proportion of resources or simply can not achieve control, such as 320 × 240 256 color color LCM, 20 fields / sec (ie, a 20 second full screen display) display, a second transmission only the amount of data up to:
320 × 240 × 8 × 20 = 11.71875Mb or 1.465MB, if so standard MCS51 series microcontroller processing, re-use MOVX instructions assume continuous transmission of these data, consider the address calculation time, at least then 421.875MHz clock to complete the data transmission, seen a huge amount of data processing.
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