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The smart home of the radio frequency technology
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Many people are envious of smart home life, but because they live in the old house, a lot of wiring has not, so I do not know how to achieve this intelligent life. In fact, today we are talking about another kind of smart home technology - home wireless RF technology, is designed to be completed but has been renovated houses a pre-prepared wiring.

Radio frequency technology

RFID technology is a short distance, low complexity, low power, low data rate, low-cost wireless communication technology. This technique has the advantage of some of the products without re-wiring, the use of point to point radio frequency technology, home appliances and lighting control, more convenient installation settings are mainly used to achieve certain appliances or lighting control, the cost is moderate . Function of such systems is relatively weak, relatively simple control, and vulnerability to the surrounding environment, especially with wireless devices and obstructions frequency interference and shielding; more suitable for families and has been newly renovated indoor decoration.

This is our home network mentioned in the wired and wireless networks difference. Wireless network technology in the case of no wiring can also be set up home network. The radio frequency technology is through high frequency radio frequency (315 or 433.92MHz) point to point transmission, to achieve lighting, curtains, appliances and other remote control. Such technology has been renovated for a good ideal for users without a pre-wiring, will not destroy the original home of the beautiful.

RF-based technology products, they can be strung together to form a home for all of the electrical network, we here call it the smart home wireless network, this network, we can free remote control, so that each cold appliances are orders from our .

How to make home appliances orders from us?

Many home appliances, lighting, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, home theater ... ... some part of itself with the remote control capabilities, such as air conditioning, TV ... ... some do not have the remote control functions, such as water heaters, microwave ovens, electric rice cooker, fridge ... and a different remote control devices and remote control with a different, but not common with each other, then there is the remote control light at home four or five. So how remote does not have the remote control device? And how to make a remote control of multiple remote control functions? We know from the above description, based on radio frequency technology products can help us solve these problems, but how they achieve it?

Smart home wireless network includes a home gateway, and a number of wireless communication sub-nodes. In the home gateway has a wireless transmitter module, each child node are connected with a wireless network receiver module, transceiver module through these wireless networks, the data between the gateway and the child to transfer.

1 home gateway

Home Intelligent Gateway is a family of intelligent control center, with embedded processors and Armlinux operating system; with I2C LCD module (5 to 10 inches); 14 alarm inputs and 2 alarm control output, alarm occurs when the network or telephone alarm; through the gateway of the wireless RF modules and various sub-node network to communicate, to achieve appliance control; built Webserver, be achieved through the Web remote control of home appliances. At the same time also has pictures of home gateway, message, MP3 MP4 player, can easily master the warm messages and so on.

(2) Radio frequency wireless communication sub-node

In the different control systems, wireless communication sub-nodes with different functions:

● lighting control, wireless remote control switch node to achieve the light switching and dimming functions;

● power control, wireless remote control socket electrical power to achieve the remote control;

● curtain control, a wireless controller for the electric curtain curtain motor for remote control;

● appliance control, via wireless infrared repeater module for remote control infrared remote control home appliances;

● Relay output control, to achieve power windows, gas valves and other I / O control.

Ordinary household or commercial receivers typically use infrared (IF), signal transceiver requires a straight path, easily blocked by foreign objects. Using radio frequency technology, from foreign objects blocking the signal transceiver, where the system coverage, regardless of any position or angle, are receiving accurate and reliable. In addition, the signal depending on the different areas, from 315 or 434MHz radio frequency transmission through walls more walls, free from any foreign objects blocking. System in an open environment, coverage of up to 100 meters. Coupled with low RF power consumption, wide coverage, wherever any corner of the control are the most convenient and reliable, free comfortable.

To a 200 square meters of housing, for example, about 30 meters indoor, 100 meters so the coverage calculation, the user wherever they go, each switch can receive remote control commands, lighting can always match your pace. Every remote control, switch or dimmer switches are equipped with a radio frequency transmitter or receiver, so the remote control commands can be issued directly to the switch, controls the default lighting situations, without having to connect any wires. But the indoor 30m remote control distance is the maximum limit of radio frequency technology, and if more than this distance, wireless signal susceptible to interference with the frequency and the signal weakened, which is one of the largest radio frequency technology deficiencies.
Radio frequency control scheme

1 lighting control

Radio frequency lighting control system consists of intelligent switches and dimmer panel composed of dimmer commands to send and receive signals transmitted by radio command, rather than by the family of power line transmission. Each panel switches are provided with a different remote identification code. These codes use 19 recognition technology, so the receiver can accurately identify each instruction. Even neighbors used simultaneously, it will not interfere with its remote control transmission error occurred.

The same built-in dimmer switch RF wireless radio transmitter that can move independently of the remote control or switch, the control switch floor lamp or table lamp or adjustable light levels. Dimmer switch on the back comes with clip, free to clip the wire or other conspicuous place, easily lost, flexible and comfortable. Reduce interference, to send or receive commands more accurate.

(2) Wireless Intelligent socket

Wireless Intelligent socket series, mainly through radio frequency remote control technology for non-electrical appliances (such as water heaters, electric fans, etc.) power remote control, not only for those appliances add a wireless remote control feature, but also to maximize energy conservation and safety.

3 scenarios remote mode

Profile is a pre-set by, and can restore a specific lighting environment. It does this by locking a light switch and the light shade of light to achieve a particular environment. For example: when home or sleeping all the lights off, urinate environment, entertainment environment. Scenario can not only separate remote control switch and a socket, but also the whole of the home environment lighting scene control.

4 Information Appliance Control

Information appliance control is an integrated wireless infrared control and multi-function remote control system. It can control up to five infrared devices (such as: TV, air conditioning, DVD, amplifier, curtains, etc.) and switches, sockets and other wireless devices. Information appliance control system consists of a variety of intelligent information appliance controller and remote control switch. Information appliance controller can be common infrared remote control electrical code dump through the study of the way down to replace the existing appliance remote control. While it itself or wireless remote control, you can launch 433.92MHz frequency control signal, so it can control the frequency of the LCD modules, smart sockets and wireless infrared repeater and so on.

Information appliance controller how to achieve remote control for air conditioning?

Air conditioning and other appliances infrared codes is very different infrared codes, air conditioning, remote control corresponding to each key on the infrared code is not fixed. Such as pressing buttons increase or decrease in temperature, it is not simply to send a fixed increase or decrease the temperature of the infrared codes, but to the air to send a current working state of the code (this code includes air conditioning is currently the number of degrees? Is cooling or heating? wind speed is how much? What is the angle of the wind?) Therefore, information appliances, remote control air conditioning is not simply learning a few keys on the remote control to achieve complete control of the air-conditioning. The user can only learn the working status of air conditioning to the more commonly used to control air-conditioning purposes.

5 Telephone Remote Control

Telephone remote control system is mainly achieved by dialing the infrared to control home appliances (mainly air conditioning) and wireless switches and sockets. Can be connected to the telephone controller directly on the telephone set, you can also call into the set; by phone controller can control the living room, study and bedroom and other room lighting, sockets and air conditioning.
Here we see an actual case to which program needs to complete some of the intelligent wireless RF products.

1 Unit

Sanshiliangting: master bedroom, second bedroom, study, living room, dining.

(2) to achieve the function

Intelligent home appliances, lighting systems; remote intelligent control system, home appliances (telephone, Internet); home security system; video intercom system.

3 System structure

Figure two vertical dotted lines indicate the left-most infrared remote control signal; other dashed line RF remote control signal; solid black lines with arrows security signal; signaling the direction of the arrow direction. In this figure, we focus on the family part, residential part of the implementation of the project for the whole community to use.

4 Use the product

● Intelligent Gateway

A home security features

Provide access to 14-way cable zone 2 outputs; wireless withdrawal arm, emergency and other functions; telephone and network deployment, with joint control.

B video intercom (optional)

Connection with the door machine, to achieve between the users and visitors to the video intercom, unlock.

C Telephone Remote Control

Telephone voice module embedded intelligent gateway, through the user s phone line to achieve phone alarm function; by telephone voice gateway modules can be remotely deployed and other security operations; for household appliances, lighting systems for remote telephone control.

D network remote control

Within a network of home appliances, lighting, sockets, security detectors for remote network control; home in a remote arm and disarm security systems, consumer warning, alarm query.

E family voice

Record a voice message.

F e-mail service

Send and receive e-mail function.

● information appliance controller

Achieve all the local remote control within the family, and intelligent sockets, switches, DVD remote control, TV remote control, curtain controller directly to the code to achieve control. Is truly multi-functional remote control.

● Other remote control

Including scenarios remote control, mini remote control and enhanced scene scene remote control can be realized on a single lighting scene control and different combinations of control.

● Intelligent switches and sockets

Intelligent with the remote control of lighting effects.

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