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LCD screen whiteboard pay attention to maintenance
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LCD screen, seemingly a solid black screen, in fact, this layer of the screen manufacturers with a special coating will be. This special coating layer of the main function is to prevent a user when in use by other light sources and reflective glare, while enhancing their color LCD screen contrast. And this special coating, due to exposure to air, under the action of the electrostatic dust is particularly easy to glue.

However, because many people do not understand the proper way to clean easy to make the following error: Use a soft cloth or paper towel to clean, easy to scratch the LCD screen; water, clean the screen, the display can easily cause a short circuit within the device, but the water mark will be left on the screen, difficult to remove, the impact effect of the I2C LCD display; with alcohol or other chemical solvents to clean, dissolve a special LCD screen coating, seriously affect the viewing experience.

The correct cleaning methods are: high-end glasses with deerskin or cloth gently wipe away the dust. LCD screen for fingerprints and oil, you should use a dedicated LCD screen whiteboard cleaner to clean. Use cleaning agents should also be aware that wipe out from the center of the screen until the screen cleaner wipe clean.

In this process, do not let water flow to the whiteboard screen and the screen frame of the interface to avoid short circuit burned out the display. Do not use a towel to scrub hard whiteboard screen surface, so as not to rub the surface of the whiteboard screen fluff affect display. Clean the screen but also rationing and frequent scrubbing is not right, as the same Whiteboard screen will cause some adverse effects. In addition, to deal with some of the indelible stains, I have a secret, transparent plastic, to the screen one, and then peeled off, the screen has been posted over the place very clean, grease are stuck to the clear plastic top to go.

In addition to scouring to pay attention to methods, the usual care and maintenance is also very important:

1, to avoid internal whiteboard screen burn

CRT monitors can work because of long-term burn, is also the case for the LCD. Therefore, we must remember that, if not, be sure to turn off the monitor, or reduce the display brightness of the display, or a long time, can lead to burn or internal aging. Once this damage occurs is permanent, irreversible. They must be taken seriously enough. In addition, if a fixed time to display the contents of a row, it may lead to overheating of some LCD pixels, and cause internal burns. Want to avoid this situation, take the following measures:

1) right turn off the LCD when the touch screen display;

2) often change at different time intervals on the display screen (such as running a screen saver)

3) the brightness of the display is reduced to a dark level;

4) shows an all-white whiteboard screen content.

2, to maintain the humidity

3, the correct cleaning the surface of the touch screen

4, to avoid unnecessary vibration

Whiteboard screen  LCD Manufacturer  is very fragile, so to avoid a strong shock and vibration. LCD whiteboard is almost home or office users all the supplies in the most sensitive electrical equipment. LCD whiteboard contains a lot of glass and sensitive electrical components, falling to the floor or other similar cause strongly against CFL LCD screen and whiteboard cell damage. Also careful not to put pressure on the LCD display surface.

5, do not disassemble

There is a rule is, do not you ever remove LCD whiteboard.

Closed for a long time even after the components of the CFL backlight inverter is still possible with a high voltage of about 1000V, this pressure can lead to serious personal injury. So do not you ever attempt to remove or change the LCD screen whiteboard, so as not to encounter high pressure.
6, try to avoid prolonged display screen with a

We use should be noted: nothing can be dry, turn off the display; nothing to do if only temporarily, on the choice of screen saver. Or reduce the display s brightness that is to whiteboard screen can also be white; However, this only protects the LCD, back light tubes still worked, so I am more in favor of direct off the display, once and for all.

7, usually it is best to use the best resolution recommended

8, to eliminate some bad habits

Bad habit is often the biggest hand pointing to the whiteboard screen, LCD touch screen display is very delicate, a few thousand dollars Do not display earth her. In general, liquid crystal displays are relatively light, accidentally knocked over, this is not a joke. Another point to note that the LCD power consumption is relatively small, but after the liquid crystal display or the high voltage transformer; pay special attention to safety, do not live whiteboard display cases, open the back cover.

LCD touch whiteboard as a modern teaching facilities, a multimedia classroom equipped with multimedia teaching of modern education, information technology as a teaching method of the output, not only the modern classroom teaching more vivid image, stimulate interest in learning more well protected students and teachers and students more healthy vision.

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