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Graphic LCD display module in the impact monitoring system
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As the graphic LCD display module with low power consumption, small size, and can display a variety of characters, characters and graphics, which can be widely used in digital instruments and a variety of low-power monitoring system. I use the modular design of impact monitoring system can display real-time impact of size, speed, peak and average, and the operation and friendly interface. At the same time in the beginning of each test, there are voice prompts; There is also need to select data storage and printing. This article will focus on graphic dot matrix LCD control module and Sunplus circuit between the hardware design and software programming.

An impact monitoring system composition and function of

Figure 1 shows the impact monitoring system is a functional block diagram. The system consists of signal acquisition, signal processing and signal output of three parts. One signal acquisition in part by the force sensor (BK-2Y) and the optical encoder (ZKX-6-50BM7.5-G05E) composition. BK-2Y is a high-precision force sensor, the size of the main force measurement, measuring range up to 500kg, the output signal is amplified by the TS-2, the output voltage range of-5V ~ +5 V; optical encoder is High-precision angular displacement sensor, which works by photoelectric conversion using a round grating angular displacement of the axis of the signal into electrical pulses, and then directly used to measure the angular displacement and angular velocity, or indirectly, for measuring linear displacement and linear speed.
    CPU use Sunplus SPCE061A. As the impact monitoring system requirements CPU fast response, real-time processing capability and the ability to process information, so the design uses powerful Sunplus 16-bit microcontroller. SPCE061A in 2.6V ~ 3.6V operating voltage range is operating at 0.32MHz ~ 49.152MHz. SPCE061A comes 2kB flash, 32-bit programmable multifunction I / O ports, two 16-bit timer / counters, 32768Hz Real Time Clock Low Voltage Reset / monitoring circuit, 8-channel 10-bit analog - digital converter inputs.
2 shows part of the hardware design of the system

The monitoring system of the display with LFUBK911A, ancillary display controller STN3224-2A has the following characteristics:

● For more environmental graphics, can display numbers, letters, Chinese characters and special characters;

● write a little each time, 8bit color depth, a total of 256 colors;

● A total of eight display buffer, you can set the display pages and writing surface;

● after every write or read, X direction or Y direction of the automatic one, plus one or both can change parameter settings;
3.2 Software Implementation

LCD controller software components, including initialization and application. Initialization parameters, including the screen is cleared and initialized. Application into the background and display real-time curve shows two parts. Background section is pre-built (x, y) axis and the associated instructions (Chinese characters). Chinese Characters with this controller does not show Chinese characters, the first compiled according to a Chinese character font data blocks, the user can write any size according to requirements of Chinese characters, Chinese characters used in this paper size is 16 × 16 dot matrix.
4 Conclusion

Designed for graphics STN3224-2A program with a simple, versatile and so on. With powerful Sunplus with the use of impact curves are shown in real time. Currently, the system has been in the experimental process to achieve good results.

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