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DIY small schools of six to avoid the use of liquid crystal displays
2011-11-10 by seoer1

As a computer monitor is an important part, so many people have had trouble on the purchase, every consumer will want to choose a selection by the appearance of fine performance LCD monitors are good, but too few people will pay attention to Caring for Your Monitor. Often see some of my friends complaining about the poor results of a liquid crystal display section, unexplained blurred screen and so on. And some friends to clean the monitor, because the screen is not the right way to leave the fatal injury. In fact, most of them are necessary because of our lack of knowledge due to the display so that we can get a longer life, let's take a look when using the monitor should pay attention to what the problem.

Avoid direct touch LCD module

LCD panels have a special surface coating, this coating can prevent the reflective layer to increase the viewing experience. Although now on the panel itself and the coating manufacturers have increased, but still some people habitually Jiabu Zhu's hand to touch the LCD screen, the hands have a certain corrosive grease, corrosion of the panel will be a slight coating, will be a long time permanent damage to the panel. This panel was damaged in use will be variegated feeling.

Avoid prolonged display screen and use the same screen saver

LCD monitors work because of long aging or burn caused by internal, especially bad in a long time to display the same screen. If a fixed time to display the contents of a row, it may lead to overheating of a number of pixels, and cause internal burns, resulting in dead pixels. This damage is irreversible, and can not be repaired. Therefore, we use their LCD monitor should be noted: not temporary, they should reduce the display's brightness that it can be to screen all white, or simply turn off the monitor directly, it has sufficient time to rest.

Having said that some friends can not help asking, not being open when the screen saver does not display like it? In fact, this is a wrong idea, I give you about the LCD works, its core structure is a glass substrate by the two middle movements filled with liquid crystal molecules. Signal voltage directly controls the switching state of thin-film transistor, liquid crystal molecules and then use the control transistor, liquid crystal molecules with a clear optical anisotropy can be modulated light emitted from the backlight lamp, to achieve the image appears. So one is displaying the image of the LCD, the liquid crystal molecules has been a work in the switch state, a response time of 20ms for LCD to work a second, it has been switching liquid crystal molecules around hundreds of times. The switching frequency of the liquid crystal molecules are naturally limited life span, LCD will appear to the life of aging phenomena, such as dead pixels, and so on. So when we stopped the operation of the computer, but also to repeated movement on the screen colorful screen saver is no doubt that in the liquid crystal molecules is still repeated on and off, still will damage the monitor.

Avoid the interference of electromagnetic fields around the computer

Electromagnetic interference is the emergence of the circuit or the environment should not occur in voltage and current. The major source of electromagnetic interference is a variety of components. From the monitors are too close or even the existence of electromagnetic fields on the pager, especially the display of the mobile phone electromagnetic interference is particularly severe. These devices produce electromagnetic interference for a long time, can display chaos. So we put the computer should also take note of electromagnetic interference.

Avoid direct exposure to bright light

Avoid bright light in the glare of the monitor display is easy to speed up the CRT phosphor under irradiation of aging, reduce the luminous efficiency. So we should try to avoid placing a computer monitor placed in the bright light of the place.

Corrosive liquids and chemicals to avoid

Do not let any moisture with the nature of things into the LCD. Found in fog, with a soft cloth and gently wipe before you can turn it on. If you were already wet into the LCD, the LCD must be placed on a more warm, dry place, so that one of the water and organic compounds evaporate. Humidity on theI2C LCD display with power, can lead to liquid crystal electrode corrosion, and cause permanent damage.

If you find the display surface stains, can be a soft cloth moistened with a little glass cleaner wipe gently, not to sprinkle detergent directly to the display surface. Cleaning agents into the LCD screen will lead to short-circuit.

In addition, pay attention to other volatile chemicals on the LCD monitor abuse. For example we often use hair spray, summer mosquito control agents are frequently used for liquid crystal molecules and the whole display will cause damage, leading to shortened life expectancy throughout the display.

Avoid unnecessary vibration

LCD screen is very fragile, so to avoid a strong shock and vibration. LCD's about the user's home or office supplies in the most sensitive of all electrical equipment. LCD glass and contains a lot of sensitive electrical components, falling to the floor or other similar cause strongly against CFL LCD screen and damage the unit. Also careful not to put pressure on the LCD display surface.

Avoid demolition

Do not you ever try to remove LCD, since LCD display even after you close for a long time, components of the CFL backlight inverter is still possible with a high voltage of about 1000V, this pressure can lead to serious personal injury. So do not you ever attempt to remove or change the LCD screen, so as not to encounter high pressure. In addition, unauthorized repairs and changes will result in temporary or even permanent display does not work.

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