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See customized LCD and LED technology to save costs and enhance performance
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Technology through the value proposition of traditional aspects of the rectification, the global field of optoelectronics and display market in the past few years has made significant progress. Recent industrial development redefines the traditional industrial technology standards in the industry, the inherent benefits and drawbacks of the concept.

Know how gradual formation of the traditional technology for the ultimate customers of special value, which the user through the creation of the traditional suppliers of quality solutions quickly and can help the brand into the market area, cost savings, changes in product performance and strengthen brand differentiation.

Conventional liquid crystal display and light-emitting diode technology evolution - the idea of ??updating obsolete

In the past two decades, the traditional graphic LCD display module and light emitting diode technology to enhance the general performance of the product for special applications, but at the same time can also cause high costs, long production time required for the preparation phase, and reliability.


In the past, the traditional technology for ready-made products more expensive, because the product design tools needed to create and also to spend money to learn the traditional engineering design expertise, fortunately, is no longer so in the past few years, technology development has clearly passed on to the tools and materials costs. While many high-quality conventional liquid crystal display and light emitting diode suppliers are beginning to learn complimentary engineering design and support for customers to create traditional solutions. This combination of two major developments to simplify the process of strengthening the traditional technical and performance advantages of these two aspects, ie, usually in the product life, the traditional technology should be cheaper than standard techniques.

Production preparation stage

For conventional technology, from product design to production, distribution, have been dramatically reduced the time required. In the traditional technology challenges of such a special area, the traditional tools have been simplified, high-quality providers already have a proven expertise in the short term with a streamlined production preparation stage production. However, the traditional techniques used to put into preparation time is generally 3-4 months, up to now, conventional light-emitting diode technology, production preparation time is 2-4 weeks, liquid crystal display production preparation time is 4-6 weeks.

Product Reliability

Today, we have not the traditional technology and standard products support the views of low reliability. In the past few years, how to consistently produce high-quality traditional liquid crystal displays and light emitting diodes, high-quality suppliers who have a valuable expertise. A good supplier send each one million products, defective components does not exceed 50-100 pieces.

Traditional LCD and LED technology advantages

With standard off the shelf technology compared to traditional LCD module supplier and light emitting diodes to provide to the user interface technology cost and performance are the following key advantages

Cost advantage

High-quality supplier is able to combine a variety of special applications and components (such as fluorescent tubes, switches, connectors, circuit boards, etc.) to create streamline the production process and in some ways the firm could result in the most effective technology cost savings.

As a traditional LCD display and LED suppliers to provide integrated traditional solutions, some of the supplier needs to be reduced procurement costs are reduced.

Single supplier of materials to allow a single, simplified billing procedures and reduce transaction costs to obtain a wide range of components.

Because high-quality LCD and LED product providers now provide free technical support for custom integration, so saving the cost of design engineers to ensure maximum efficiency to study the integration of their components. In addition to saving costs in the engineering design, but also saves product development time and reduce time to market.

Through more efficient technology to be able to cost savings. Because products customized with special application requirements, whether the most suitable for this technology to identify the specific product requirements to achieve cost-effectiveness. For example, if a high output / low-power technology to meet performance expectations, may produce energy savings. (Rather than over-spending in the high-power terms, it is unnecessary.)

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