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LCD resolution knowledge
2011-11-14 by seoer1

Whether it is LCD display , or CRT monitors in general, display resolution is the main test standards. Because the monitor must be able to support the application software and hardware required for resolution. Traditional CRT monitors for a resolution supported by more flexible. Display images mainly from the accumulation of points or lines of many components of the pixels (Pixels) arising from, and therefore the number of pixels is an important factor affecting the resolution.

LCD display mode not supported by the CRT so much. LCD only supports the so-called true resolution can be compared to CRT monitors generally the highest resolution. The main difference is that, LCD liquid crystal display is only in the real resolution to show the best image. }

LCD display is lower resolution display mode, there are two ways to show. The first is centered. For example, you want to XGA1024 × 768 display SVGA800 × 600 screen resolution, only the middle of 1024 800 pixels, 768 center of 600 cable, can be presented. Other pixels have not been presented with the cable, had to maintain darkness. The screen looks like the image centered narrow, there is a shadow around the perimeter. Another way for the extended display. Show the benefits of this approach is that no matter how much you use the resolution, the displayed image will be applied to each pixel on the screen, and will not cast a shadow around the edges. However, since the image is to be extended to each pixel on the screen, so the image will inevitably be distorted, clear and accuracy will be affected.

Therefore, the selection of LCD, we must ensure that it supports the application of hardware and software you are using the original resolution. Do not blindly believe the resolution is better. LCD display to remember is different from the CRT display. If your device requires XGA1024 × 768 resolution, then you better make sure your LCD graphic displays supports native XGA resolution. Neither more nor less, so much the better.

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