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LCD monitor to your eye Eye Raiders more of a protection
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With the extensive use of video surveillance, it is not only the pursuit of the display terminal surveillance equipment,

surveillance equipment, but also on the no radiation, no flicker, environmental protection, energy conservation and other

indicators are increasingly concerned.

LCD Display Technology Review

With TFT panel technology and process maturity, making the TFT-LCD response time, contrast, brightness, viewing angle

and other aspects of the great progress, narrowing the gap with the traditional CRT monitors. Such as: SAMSUNG's LCD

monitor response time has been done 5ms, contrast ratio of 1000:1, brightness did 300cd/m2, basically put an end to the

phenomenon of trailing blur, LCD technology has been the biggest obstacle to the wheels of progress grind to pieces.

Review LCD technology, always around the same theme - "the pursuit of visual comfort limits."

The most commonly used multi-use TFT LCD monitor panels (thin film transistor liquid crystal) is made, although there

are several types of LCD, but some types are not suitable for color monitors, the following brief LCD display manufacture .

LCD screen is divided into TN (TwistedNematic-LCD, twisted nematic LCD) type, STN (Supertwistednematic) type and TFT

(Thinfilmtransistor) type three. (In fact, TN class also includes double super twisted nematic (DSTN, full name

DualScanTortuosityNomograph, early laptops and now mobile phones and other digital devices released with).

Including TN, STN display two kinds of the same principle, the passive matrix, liquid crystal molecules twist angle is

different, TN twist angle of 90 degrees, STN liquid crystal molecules twist angle of 180 degrees to 270 degrees.

Eye monitoring display method

It will be replaced by LCD monitors from CRT, the eyes tired more easily than before. What is a good way?

Try to adjust the monitor's brightness and contrast look, change the background color, the effect. If the LCD monitor

face every day for a long time, then perhaps the installation of a Shibao Ping.

See see eye fatigue, computer monitors, I am afraid that no one encountered this experience it. This condition can

cause eye strain continues, and blurred vision, sore shoulders, headaches, general fatigue, vision loss and other


Cause eye fatigue reasons: on the map to display the light and reflected light, the screen flashes and so on.

Compared with CRT, LCD monitor screen flicker is basically non-existent problem. In contrast, the map light and

reflected light LCD monitor has become the problem. When a fluorescent or other person's face is mapped to the screen,

increases the difficulty of reading the screen, so that muscle activity than the normal level, we can say is this is

causing eye fatigue.

In addition, the LCD monitor to highlight the recent development of high contrast. This is despite the favorable color

display, but also make it easier for tired eyes.

Therefore, using the graphic LCM at work to try to find a way to avoid eye fatigue.

Adjust the brightness, contrast and color

Adjust the screen contrast and brightness. However, if the time for normal surveillance work, due to lower contrast

and brightness can reduce eye fatigue.

LCD monitor with brightness and contrast adjustment, tilt up and down about bias and other functions.
Try to use these functions to adjust the brightness and contrast. But the brightness and contrast is too low, then more

likely to cause eye fatigue, so try several times transferred to their own state.

As for the adjustment method, please refer to the instructions of the monitor.

In addition, through the Windows screen settings, you can also change the window color scheme. Choose Control Panel

[show], then click [Appearance] → [Detailed Settings], you can replace the color scheme of their choice.

In the initial setup, because the white background of the window is too strong, turning it into cream or light green

will be good results. In the [Advanced], select [Window], through [color 1] with a favorite color.

According to the software, sometimes even made these changes, but to change the window color. In the menu of such

software, a large background set has a separate command window, please help to confirm.

On-screen installation Shibao Ping

To reduce screen reflection and mapping through to avoid eye fatigue, the most effective way is to install the screen

Shibao Ping.

Shibao Ping is the light transmittance through the ratio. The smaller this value, indicating that the more

concentrated color Shibao Ping. Carrying out image processing operations with more photos, you need as close to natural

color, it should choose products with high transmittance value (80 ~ 90%). And usually people who feel the best choice for

glare screen products with low permeability (50 ~ 70%).

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