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How to properly remove surface dirt flat TV screen
2011-11-18 by seoer1

LCD screen LCD TV is the core part of our clean natural focus. LCD display manufacture surface of the cover glass. If you find the LCD monitor surface dirt, use the correct method should remove the dirt.

LCD panel of stains can be divided into two types, one is that over time the adhesive to stay in the air of dust, one is a user inadvertently left fingerprints and oil. LCD screen you want to remove the dirt, it is best to use the medium soft, non-fibrous materials such as cotton, lens tissue or soft cloth, then dip a little glass cleaner to gently wipe (wipe when the light intensity to Otherwise, the screen will thus short-circuit damage), prohibit the use of alcohol, a class of chemical solution, do not use a towel to scrub hard surface of the screen, so as not to wipe the screen surface of the impact of raising the display, nor can a rough cloth or paper goods , because such material is easy to produce scratches.

Here to remind everyone that, do not spray cleaner directly to the screen surface, it is easy to flow to the internal screen LCD module graphic which led to short-circuit fault occurs, resulting in unnecessary losses. Regularly clean the screen but also quantitative, frequent scrubbing is not right, as the same TV screen would cause some adverse effects.

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