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Address the causes of black display
2011-11-04 by seoer1

Display a black screen after boot, no China LCD module, many computer users often encounter problems. In fact, if the computer works you have some knowledge of, damage to these non-simple device failure can exclude yourself.

1. Display a black screen when no image is displayed (display currently on the market, but no signal sent to the host, the screen will display "no signal cable"), first check the host power supply and fits well, the power supply fan spins? Power indicator on front panel, HDD LED is not bright flash? If the host does not work because the power supply or motherboard is not, the display in the absence of a signal is received, of course, there would be no image display.

2. Then check the monitor's power supply and fits well? If your monitor's power switch is a touch switch, when you add power to the monitor, you should hear a slight "provision pop" sound, then the monitor can determine the switching power supply circuit is good. Then the monitor power switch is turned on? Monitor power light is lit? When the hand near the display screen and slowly move is a "hissing" sound, while the hair on the hands of the feeling of being sucked up, which display high-voltage circuit is normal inspection work.

3. If it is determined the display is powered up, and there is high pressure is generated, continue to check the monitor's data cable connector and the signal output interface card is good contact? Are there loose? Unplug and then check, D-type interface for bent or broken needle or a large number of dirt. This is a problem often encountered in many users, when connecting the D-type socket, non-uniform force, or forget to tighten the connector's screws, loose cause the interface is bad, or because of improper installation or excessive force, so that D There are needle-type interface, or curved needle, resulting in poor contact.

Note: The display of the data line 15-pin plug may have missing pins, such as 4,9,11-pin, then normal, do not use man-made to complement these other missing wire needle, so as not to cause other problems.

More said that it: 1, 2 pin for the red, green and blue guns signal input, if any of you bad needle contact with the screen there will be a lack of corresponding color.

If the first pin 12, 15 there is a problem, the host can not be found in the corresponding display, but this does not affect use.

If the needle in question 13, 14, will display a blank screen, the display of lights in the boot after a while from green to orange. Will appear above the black one.

4. Open the case check the graphic LCD module card installed correctly? Slot is good contact with the motherboard? Card or the slot is too long and the use of too much dust, as well as causing poor contact? Graphics chip on whether there is a burning, cracking marks. When the causes for black screen graphics, the computer POST is a short four long "beeps" sound prompt. Install the display card, display card to hand hold the upper part, even forced into the card slot, so that graphics port and the main chassis screw mouth screw fit. Do not force the plug is not fixed, resulting in video distortion. If the confirmation is installed correctly, you can remove the graphics look clean cotton ball with alcohol or a pin of the finger for a slot (only for PCI cards) installed. If not enough, only for a good graphics card to try next.

If that does not, in determining the graphics intact, but also consider the compatibility of graphics cards and motherboards. Best to check the relevant information or ask friends.

5. Check the other boards (including sound, decompression card, video capture card) and the motherboard socket contacts are good? Note Check the hard disk drive data cable and power cable connection is correct? Replace other card slot, cleaning pin. That many people often easy to overlook. Generally believed that black screen computer monitors and graphics cards is the issue, and other device-independent. In fact, because the sound card and other equipment is not installed correctly, cause the system to enable early completion of difficult, especially in hard drive data cable and power cord plugged into the wrong hard drive, likely to cause no display of the fault.

6. Check the memory and the motherboard contacts are good? A re-plug the memory or try another slot, or replacement of the memory. If memory problems, the computer starts, there will be a continuous rapid "beeping" sound. Tone will vary because of the motherboard.

7. Check the CPU and the motherboard CPU socket contacts are good? Due to moving or other factors, so that the CPU socket with SLOT1 jack or SOCKE370 bad. Best removed by hand pressing a CPU or CPU re-install.

8. Check the CPU FSB, multiplier, memory frequency, or the CMOS jumper settings are correct. Control the motherboard manual, check the related one by one jumper, in order to "CPU FSB frequency jumper jumper-CPU - RAM frequency jumper."

9. Check the CPU voltage is set properly. When jumper setting CPU voltage to be careful, must be consistent with the CPU voltage. VIII and IX to this two-step assembly of machines or for some like overclocking a black screen when the user double-check.

10. Check the CMOS parameter settings are correct. If your computer is equipped with two graphics cards, you set in the CMOS first initialize PCI video card, and your only monitor connected to the AGP graphics card, of course, the display is not bright.

11. Check the host and display the required compliance with the working environment? Voltage is normal, ambient temperature is too high. In addition to checking the above steps, but also working conditions, according to the computer to quickly locate, such as Turn on the power, you can hear the "beep" sound that the computer self-completion, if the hard disk light blinking at this time, In the second step to the fourth step should be checked.

12. If the computer monitor displays the contents of the boot process there, but after loading the WIN98 screen when the screen goes black, which just WIN98 system software problems, and

The inspection method is based on the display itself has no electrical fault, that Turn on the power after the monitor power light from green to yellow, but display a black screen no image display. If the above steps still no display monitor, should be invited to professional service.

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