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A customizable display Agilent test solutions
2011-11-10 by seoer1

Agilent Technologies has introduced a customizable and easy to use display testers, it is designed to provide simple and optional settings, and therefore can be for up to five major display formats provide visual test. This instrument applies to new product testing FPD and CRT displays, as well as for computer and TV manufacturers involved in the LCD supplier flat panel display.

The launch of the AgilentU8101A display support for all major analog interface and digital interfaces, such as S-Video, YPbPr, CVBS, VGA, HDMI and DVI, while the new product also supports an interface for future upgrades. New display with multiple card slots, so that test engineers and technicians according to their needs the flexibility to customize the instrument configuration, the ability to make the U8101A display ahead of the grade in the other test instruments.

This, and other typical components of different testers, Agilent U8101A display tester with a 5.7-inch color LCD graphic modules and Windows-based graphical user interface to simplify test pattern selection. Therefore, the front panel, the operator can easily select different display formats, test configuration, and other common functions. Can be called at any time plus 16 kinds of test sequences and the ability to pattern, the possibility of manual input errors will be minimized, but these features also help to reduce test setup time. In addition, the Agilent U8101A display for the USB interface function, it can be the high-resolution images and patterns can easily be transferred to the tester can easily upgrade the firmware.

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