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Using the LCD Notes
2011-09-15 by seoer

LCD screen is very fragile, so avoid strong shock and vibration, LCD glass and contains a lot of sensitive electrical components, falling to the floor or other similar strong blow will cause the LCD screen and some other cell damage. Also careful not to put pressure on the LCD display surface. There is a rule is: do not you remove LCD. Closed for a long time even after the components of the CFL backlight inverter is still possible with a high voltage of about 1000V, this pressure can lead to serious personal injury. So do not you ever attempt to remove the LCD display, so as not to encounter pressure. Unauthorized repairs and changes will lead to temporary or even permanent display does not work. So it is in your hands and feet when the restless, do not move delicate and dangerous LCD!

LCD requirements for air

Average humidity was maintained at 30% to 80%, and the display can work, but once the indoor humidity is above 80%, will produce condensation inside the display. Its internal power supply transformers and other coils are easy to produce leakage after wet, may even cause the connection to short circuit. Thus, serial LCD must pay attention to moisture, long time without display, power can work regularly for some time, so monitor the heat generated when the work will be inside the moisture driven out. If you find the display surface stains, use a soft cloth moistened with a little water, gently wipe, do not water directly onto the display surface, the water enter the LCD screen will lead to short-circuit. Now there are special LCD cleaner can be purchased.

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