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LCD common sense care and maintenance
2011-10-24 by seoer1

To avoid water
Do not let any thing with the water into the liquid crystal display. Of course, once this happens do not panic, if found in the boot just before the fog screen surface, wipe gently with a soft cloth on it, if water has entered the liquid crystal display, then the LCD modulesmonitor in the warmer place, such as table lamps, will gradually evaporate the water inside, in case of screen "pan-boom" of the situation is more serious, the ordinary user or service provider called in to help as well, because the more moisture will seriously damage the LCD monitor components, will lead to liquid crystal electrode corrosion, causing permanent damage. In addition, we should try to avoid the usually humid environments use the LCD monitor.
Avoid prolonged work
LCD pixel is composed of many liquid crystal, over a long period of continuous use, will make crystal aging or burn, damage occurs, that is permanent, irreparable. In general, do not make the LCD monitor is turned on for a long time (more than 72 hours continuous), if not in time, turn off the monitor, or just let it show white screen content.

LCD technology
Wide viewing angle screen
Wide viewing angle LCD is in their minds the supreme artifacts, using the E-IPS panel, which is low-cost solution for a wide viewing angle LCD, which makes those who criticized the bad TN panel viewing area of ??the players seemed to see, like an oasis in the desert.
LED backlight technology become more mature
LED backlight product in 2009 has been a strong consumer focus. In appearance or power consumption than traditional CCFL backlight are not a small advantage, I believe that as technology becomes more mature, LED on the market is bound to achieve great success, the market potential is very great , but for most people chose to monitor the appearance of the primary factor, ultra-thin energy is the future of mainstream fashion.
3D LCD technology into a player favorite
Ordinary LCD screen can only display 2D plane, even then it is difficult to find large screen immersive feeling, and 3D Embedded system LCD display also emerged. 3D panel's strengths is that users do not need to wear special glasses to see 3D images, so that we truly experience the feeling of 3D.
Energy saving technology into the most important indicator of the LCD
Green energy is no longer a slogan, a trip to the appliance store will find that energy level has become a mandatory standard. In the home PC area, with the increasing size of the LCD display, has gradually become another big power. "Green energy" has been more and more attention to manufacturers and consumers, a growing number of new low-power began as a big selling point.

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