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Car Monitor Overview and analysis of latest trends
2011-09-28 by seoer

Car monitor is placed in the car above to watch TV, car monitor car TV essentially. Similar movement in the automotive tools to use on the monitors, to facilitate use in motorsport. Car TV simply is the mobile digital TV reception (and the difference between digital television), including set-top boxes, LCD, antenna, vehicle power supplies. In order to facilitate the installation, has been developed, such as desktop car TV, car TV and the top baffle suction Car TV and many other styles of car mobile TV products.

Primary purpose of the display like a car with EV-103 camera for reversing or for bus, subway trains above the advertising propaganda, and now as long as the mainstream products on the market with TV, band sound, readable SD card , USB and other functions. A little more like a good domestic brands EVERVOX, they have some products on-board computer monitors along the direction of development.

The future would look like, the future of automotive displays look like, EVERVOX week always say "the future of the car will display the times with more cross-link technology, as present in 3D, maybe one day we 3D technology will bring the exciting move into our car. "

Vehicle display device

Car LCD display devices are usually, band sound, readable SD card, USB and other features. This is because the relatively small size of the LCD screen, easy to install, can be installed into the instrument panel near the roof, by the back seat, or even mounted on sun visor for easy use in a variety of situations. In addition, the car displays are often also integrates other functions, such as with a simple amplifier, TV tuner, audio output, type and function better than many TV or computer monitor.

Car Monitor specifications

The basic specifications of the display board must provide resistance to dust, shock-, temperature, the greater must be able to withstand -30 ℃ ~ +85 ℃, 120 ℃ high and low temperature, because the LCD panel LCD in low temperature environment, appear to freeze phenomenon, which led to not display images, or show the ability to completely destroy.

Car monitor trends

TFT LCD into the mainstream

According car2100 forecasts, TFT LCD, with its high-performance ratio and lower cost, resulting in cars equipped with LCD panels increasing sharply, will be the vehicle used in car audio system and navigation system TFT display the mainstream. However, because of ongoing rich media content, making the LCD panel specification car also increasing, such as fine display of high quality, high brightness, large size, wide viewing angle, thin, lightweight, high reliability, low power consumption, etc. and so on. For example, to allow users to drive a car when a glance, provide higher-resolution, high-definition picture is bound to become the development trend.

In the future, car display resolution of 800 × 400 and higher, the screen will be expanded within a certain range. Thus, to avoid driving the process due to the smaller screen to watch the screen while focusing too much embarrassment. Further, a single dual-screen display of the LCD panel industry has also been developed, this way, can a single LCD display panels , while providing the driver's seat driver's seat and vice different image information, the driver can watch the navigation screen, The driver's seat passengers can watch the Vice-video programming or other information, information. Two display devices can independently adjust the screen refresh rate, resolution and color depth, and can support different applications.

Touch panel into the market

Touch panel provide users with more convenient user interface, which compared with the past in the passenger seat using the remote control to operate the car navigation system with even more convenient. Car display market in the future will be developed.

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