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Samsung UE-based LED display
2011-08-25 by seoer

Samsung commercial displays since landing in China has been long dominated sales in China first, global sales of the throne, to become the global display market standards, leading the entire industry of technological change. As a world-class show giant, Samsung big screen in 2011, commercial product planning and development strategies as industrial users and the natural focus of media attention.

LED technology uses a revolutionary new generation of mosaic displays UE (UE46A, UE55A) series was launched as a super-narrow splicing products is another masterpiece, Samsung UE series monitors the border as 5.2mm, patchwork is only 10.4, only UX series less than half, only UT series more than 3mm, with a high cost of the UE will be spliced ​​products of the new mainstream market. UE range of products to ensure quality Samsung panel which is no longer available to any downstream manufacturers, Samsung original quality, quality is more assured.

1, the new Samsung Ultra Vision LCD video wall, seamless UE series, not only inherited the first generation of super-vision LCD video wall, seamless UT series of ultra-narrow, super-clear, high brightness, high contrast of the "four super-advantage" , and uses LED backlight technology, and expand the panel size to achieve a picture display and the application of double stitching breakthrough.

  2, Samsung UE series is a revolutionary LED light source technology, display, energy efficient compared to traditional products up to 40%, and Samsung's LED panels are using a mercury-free and halogen-free materials, so choose your means to help Samsung LFD to protect the earth's natural resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

  3, with LED backlight technology, compared to the color LCD display products, UE series offers better color reproduction, wide color gamut is more superior.

4, Samsung UE series LFD built-in video splicing matrix processor, it can be spliced ​​without the aid of an external processor under the situation up to 10 × 10 (and 15 × 6 or 6 × 15) to display full screen or split screen mosaic picture of the giant video wall, to meet large-scale command and control center or laboratory for large image display requirements, and greatly save your expenses on the splice processor.

5, ultra-narrow patchwork only 10.4mm, Height reduction real painting.

6, Samsung UE series LFD with the latest DisplayPort digital port, through a simple converter can easily LFD with computers, monitors or TV with HDMI or DVI cable, and DVI DisplayPort cable can be done transmission distance is twice the signal without loss.

7, Samsung UE Series RS232C, RJ45 network cable to provide control functions: LFD MDC on the original remote control has been improved, now you can sit in front of the computer, use one, you can easily complete the bulk of the LFD at the same time a variety of remote operation of the action.

8, Samsung original machine with an international leader in display technology, to avoid non-factory assembly problems caused by screen burn.

9, extension of the new ultra-wide viewing angle technology to ensure the vertical and horizontal viewing angle of 178 degrees to watch the images without distortion, color distortion.
10 built-in multimedia player: Samsung UE Series LFD products have built-in multimedia player, making it more powerful display. In addition to regular broadcast content, the product also can play MagicInfo-i Lite, video, images, music, Flash, PPT and other documents. All of the above features have been built in this series, you no longer need to pay this extra cost, even without a computer.
11 built-in stereo speakers: shocking images and clear sound can be expanded to maximize your influence. Built-in speakers by LFD your voice can be clearly and accurately convey to the viewer's ears. At the same time the speaker integrated design that can help you save twice the cost of procurement, but also space-saving footprint and lead to better visual effects.

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