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New reflective LCOS technology perspective LCD projector details
2011-12-11 by seoer1

In recent years, in the LCD industry, many new technologies, the more popular technology is LCOS. The biggest advantage is that LCOS can be high resolution, portable information devices in the application, this advantage is in line with the other technologies can not. Drawback is that the process is more complicated modules, easy to control various stages of production yield, the cost is difficult to be competitive. Can only stay in the high-resolution needs a specific purpose, such as LCD module manufacturer projector. But since March this year, the industry began to be applied to handsets, and will be officially in the fourth quarter delivery. If so, will be the most important milestone in LCOS.

What is the LCOS? LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) is a new type of reflective micro LCD projection technology, its structure is long on the silicon transistor, a semiconductor manufacturing process to build the driver panel (also known as CMOS-LCD), and then on through the transistor grinding technology over polished and coated with aluminum as a mirror to form a CMOS substrate, then the CMOS substrate and glass substrate with transparent electrode on top fit, apply again and again into the liquid crystal, the packaging and testing.

In short, LCOS and CRT directly (CRT) projection technology, high-temperature polysilicon liquid crystal (Ploy-Si LCD) transmissive projection technology, DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) digital light processing (DLP; Digital Light Projector) reflective technology related. These three techniques have been developed, but the LCOS projection display technology has become the new mainstream.

LCOS market position in large-size display products and HMD (Head Mount Device). Widely recognized by the industry: in the display market 20 'the following to the mainstream LCD, PDP can be applied to 30'-60' product, but expensive, projection displays for 30'-60 'or more products, with high resolution, the price moderate advantages. LCOS projection display technology is the fall in the projection display market; another may be used as look into the components used in the HMD.

Power, low and high resolution LCOS greatest strength. LCOS can be regarded as an dot matrix LCD module, but LCD is done in the traditional glass substrate, but the LCOS is long in the silicon wafer. And the relative ratio of LCOS products, the most commonly used on the projector, represented by high-temperature polysilicon LCD. The latter is usually the way with see-through projection, the light use efficiency is only about 3%, the resolution is not easy to improve; LCOS reflective projection is used, the light use efficiency up to 40%, and its biggest advantage is the most widely available use, the most expensive CMOS process, without additional investment, and with the semiconductor process miniaturization fast, easy to improve resolution. The other hand need to invest in high-temperature polysilicon LCD device, and belong to a special manufacturing process, reducing costs is not easy.

The development of LCOS facing the question - in dire need to establish a standardized and downstream industry structure currently LCOS development of the industry concentrated in the United States and Britain both the Fabless companies, including Three-Five, Aurora (original S-Vision), MicroPix, Microdisplay, Kopin, Displaytech, SpatiaLight and Hong Kong's Varitronix and so on. Because LCOS in the development of the components involved in the design, manufacturing and integration of the optical system, a high technical threshold. And each industry developed LCOS, each with a dedicated ASIC, optical engines, components and production of each array, not standardized, it is difficult to achieve production economies of scale, some of the industry due to inability to complete the solution proposed program, resulting in the successful launch of the product can not face the financial crisis. Another obstacle is the passing rate of the biggest problems, LCOS front of the silicon process for 0.35u process can (and do not need to make more small), the current yield is up to 90%; back-and glass substrate, pumped liquid crystal, and to be cut, part of the package, the current yields are still low, only about 30%. LCOS of BEOL yield, if not successfully upgrade, such as the DMD technology will likely face a general dilemma.

Potential market is large: HMD, high-priced digital cameras, digital cameras? Other fields can be applied. The original high-temperature polysilicon TFTLCD HMD virtual 15-inch XGA display above the expected Japanese industry in the short term will continue to delay passage of this traditional solution, the U.S. Department of the industry will tend to use high-resolution LCOS. In addition, digital cameras and digital camera viewfinder, the usual small amorphous silicon LCD panels, the use of LCOS as Solution, the resolution, and power on, will be very beneficial, but the price is still high, so expected to only be possible using high-priced markets.

In addition to external projector, LCOS high-resolution, high brightness and high response speed characteristics, the 20-inch monitor, for applications such as large-size TV market, have a deep potential. In addition, the popularity of mobile Internet, it will lead to a large screen for mobile phones and high-resolution requirements. LCOS power-saving features for mobile phone access. Three-Five industry forecasts to 2001, color screen phone should be at least 10% will use LCOS, number about 500 million units. In addition, because the main mobile phone companies from non-Japanese manufacturers, more complex will not have an LCD, is conducive to the promotion of LCOS. Despite the application of that LCOS large potential market, and the next three years, more than 13% per year Jieyou market growth rate. But according to the current price / performance ratio, digital cameras and digital cameras use a lot in the short term the ratio of LCOS is not expected to remain high; In addition, the wireless broadband network has not been completed before, Three-Five is expected to use 10% of color screen mobile phone LCOS is probably too optimistic. Therefore, we can expect, would be more emphasis on the projector and large-size TV market, if it can effectively reduce costs, will be original products such as projectors, TV out of the entire alternative is possible.

List of world manufacturer (slightly) the major European and American systems development industry to small businesses represented. Three-Five's competitors in the STN-LCD cell phone sales have been large-scale, LCOS technology has reached the production stage, the product line (SVGA, XGA, SXGA, HDTV) have a prototype, and therefore be more effective. In addition, all competitors are outside the main HMD than DisplayTech market and optimistic about the portable products in the market for portable products hold the potential of a more optimistic view.

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